Review: Saigon Street Eats Part 2. Morning Pho Tour!

Saigon Street Eats Tour

How’d you like that meat pic?  I promised you a separate review of the morning Pho Tour with Saigon Street Eats after telling you about the night tour the other day.  So here’s the daytime fun as promised!

Our morning tour started off by being picked up again by Barb and family.  Did I mention how freaking awesome this is when you’re in an unfamiliar city where English is not the first language????

Pho was on the breakfast menu and it was completely divine.  Pho in southern Vietnam is so much better than in the north (sorry Hanoi!)  In the south you get huge plates of greenery to add to your bowl plus lime juice, sprouts and various other goodies.  The further north you go the greenery dwindles until you get to Hanoi and are told by the waitress “you do not need all that!”  Let me tell you, she is wrong.  You need all that green goodness to add to the taste AND the experience!

Please note the ENORMOUS pile of greenery on the table.  I could have put the whole thing in my bowl and no one would have cared!

Vietnamese Food Tour

Plus we had particularly fabulous food tour guides this day!  If you look closely you can see bubby’s little face on Barb’s lap!  I should mention that Barb encouraged us to fight, fight, fight for the green goodies to go in our Pho!

Saigon Street Eats Tour Guides Are Cute!

After we were stuffed with Pho we headed off on foot to explore the food stores and the fresh food market.  Barb had to take the kids home so we set off with the ever-patient Vu once again!   As per the night before, he was super fun to hang out with!  And he really knows his food!

Did you even know there were this many types of rice?  I had no idea!

Vietnamese Food Tour adventures!

Check out this cool cake – year of the rat – that’s me and Gert!

Saigon Street Eats Tour Included cake!

We saw loads of seafood at the market.  I have a particular affinity for tentacles so I took a heap of pics!


Then I found a giant cage full of frogs.  You can’t really tell from the photo but they were piled up on top of each other!  Occasionally one would climb up the side and escape.  Only to be popped back in the cage, right back where he started.  I assume these giant creatures are the relatives of the frog we ate the night before!  And as soon as I get home to Penang I’ll be uploading a particularly icky video of them being prepared to be sold.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Saigon Street Eats tour with frog included!

The walk through the markets was great.  We saw stalls with row upon row of green vegetables and herbs.  They look awesome when they are all piled up don’t you think?

Saigon street eats tour - greenery included!

Then we had a wander through the fruit section.  I find Dragon Fruit quite a plain tasting fruit to eat but boy doesn’t it look pretty when they pile them all up together?


As we were wandering from section to section, Vu was purchasing a little something here and there.  I have to say I wasn’t paying much attention to this and when it was time for lunch I was surprised to discover he was laden down with goodies!

As I was starting to feel a little tired, we wandered into a temple to eat our lunch in the grounds.  I had no idea that breakfast and lunch were both included in our tour – can I suggest you DO NOT EAT before you go on this morning tour?  If you have breakfast, you will not be able to eat all the deliciousness that will be thrust upon you!

By the end of lunch I was bulging at the seams!

We had this amazing noodle salad.  I didn’t see Vu buy this and I remember asking him where it came from!


As if that wasn’t enough, we had some Bahn Mi each too.  Fabulous fresh bread filled with veges and pate – I was in love!

Then we had fruit.  The name of this fruit eludes me – I think Vu called it a milky apple.  I’ll have to email him to find out though – if this fruit is zero points like all other fruits on the Weight Watchers programme I’m going to be set for losing weight from here on in.

I’ll just get me a supply of these babies.  They were squishy and sweet and fabulous.  Like eating custard!  It’s a shame I was so full or I might have needed some more of these to take home!


After lunch there were more surprises.  We went into the temple to explore and Vu helped us have our fortunes told.  It was super fun and I always love this kind of stuff!

Vu read us all our fortunes – Gert’s was that he was going to have no luck in the immediate future and mine was that every business idea I have will turn to gold!  I giggled and started seriously planning my new business in my head while deciding that we wouldn’t be motorcycling anywhere with Gert and his bad luck along for the ride!


Both tours we did were great but I liked the night tour the best.  I think it’s because there was a bit more sitting around the table chatting (and I love a good chat!)  Also the morning tour was a little bit more noisy because of the hustle and bustle of the street.  So if I had to choose again I’d go at night – hmmm except that milky apple fruit was discovered during the day.  Oh, maybe I’d just do both again!

If you want to book your own tour here’s the booking page for Saigon Street Eats.

Just so we’re clear we paid for our own food tours and weren’t paid to write these posts!  All opinions are our own.

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Review: Saigon Street Eats Part 2. Morning Pho Tour! — 2 Comments

  1. Great blog and posts. We just left Vietnam — Saigon and then Hanoi — and totally agree about the better tasting pho down south. We really liked all the food in HCMC area better. Plus there seemed better restaurants and more welcoming. Anyway great post. Now if I can find open restaurants in Melakka I will be happier – first two days of Ramadan are proving slow going here!

    • Thanks for dropping by Kate. I know what you mean about Ramadan – a big chunk of the restaurants in Batu Ferringhi are closed too. We aren’t coping well! We had amazing food from Tony’s Guesthouse when we were in Malacca – Unfortunately he only does breakfast until about 11am I think – though I’d go earlier. Here’s his address Lorong Bukit Cina, 75100 Malacca, Melaka, Malaysia. If you google Tony’s Guesthouse it will come up too. In the next street from him there were a couple of restaurants too – it was a bit of a walk but maybe it will help you get something tasty! Enjoy Melakka!

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