Review: Saigon Street Eats. Best Tour We’ve Ever Been On!

Saigon Street Eats - hands off!

We head off to Thailand tomorrow and it’s occurred to me that we never posted anything about our Vietnam trip except on Facebook.  So I’m going to spend some time scheduling the good stuff for you in the next couple of days.  And I’m starting with the. best. tour. we’ve. ever. been. on!

Saigon Street Eats has been on my radar since I saw the owners Barbara & Vu announce that were going to start a business taking tourists around to eat.  I have to admit that a year later when we finally had the chance to go I assumed Barb’s little food tour would be begging for my attention.

Then I looked on Trip Advisor and saw they they were really high on the list of things to do in Ho Chi Minh!  They had amazing reviews and when it was time to book we had to juggle a bit to fit us in!  How very cool for such a new business?

So what was it like, I hear you ask….

Let me tell you that you need to take this tour.  We actually did two tours in the end.  A night seafood tour and the morning Pho tour.  I’m going to write a separate review of each because they are both awesome and deserve their own post (if only so I can fit all the photos in!)

So first, the night tour on Snail Street!

Saigon Street Eats go to all the trouble of picking you up on scooters so you don’t have to find your way around the city to a meeting point.  I was especially grateful for this and I got to ride with Vu who I trusted not to kill me!

Once you’re on the back they zip through town to take you to a fabulous street full of shellfish and snails.  After that you go wandering through back alleys to learn a little about Vietnamese life and hit up some more food places.

Our fellow tourists on this night were an amazingly fun and interesting couple who it turned out had a very interesting last name.  Not anything out of the ordinary if you consider they were Mr & Mrs Khoo (could be dodgy spelling from me!)  Fairly normal right?  Bur translated into Vietnamese it turns out they became Mr & Mrs Penis!  Bahahaha!  I promised them I would SOOOO be blogging about them so here they are…..

Mr & Mrs Penis take on Saigon Street Eats!

Our first stop involved some of the best shellfish I’ve ever tasted.  Jono hasn’t really ever eaten shellfish but he was straight into it as you can see here….

Jono enjoying Saigon Street Eats snacks!

Our fearless leader Vu was impressed with Jono’s bravery I think.  As kids everywhere would agree throwing the shells over your shoulder onto the road was an added bonus!

Then we ate some of these babies!  I have no idea what they are called but they were kinda chewy and the flavour was amazing.  These are the shells I’ve always dreamed of finding on the beach!

Saigon Street Eats giant shellfish included!During the night we were treated to frog which we all tried, including the ever-brave Jono.

We had more food than anyone could be expected to devour in one sitting and I was quite grateful that there was walking in between stops.

Prawns were on the agenda….

Saigon Street Eats is awesome!

and then there was the wasabi oyster challenge.  Talk about ending the night in terror!  Words can’t describe how scared I was to try this.  Vu tried to look all innocent and insisted we would love it……

Vu from Saigon Street Eats!I was not convinced.  Especially when I saw the size of the oysters!  I’ve never eaten an oyster and I was very concerned this giant thing was going to have to be consumed by each of us!  Please note the knife handle to judge the scale of that pukie oyster!

Saigon Street Eats Wasabi Oyster Challenge!

Luckily for us Vu cut the oyster up before he soaked it in a mixture of wasabi and soy sauce.  The mixture was thick and green so it was about 80% wasabi.  I was sure I was going to die!

And you’ll have to wait for next time for the video of me suffering through the wasabi oyster challenge with Saigon Street Eats!  While you’re waiting to be entertained by that you can see how red Barb’s face went when she tried the challenge here on her blog The Dropout Diaries.

This post was not sponsored and we paid for our own tickets.

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    • Thanks Barb. We had a really fun time and were truly impressed with how much it wasn’t like being on a tour but like hanging out with old friends. Make sure you let Mr & Mrs Penis know they are now famous!

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