Below is a list of some products and services that we recommend.  These will only ever be products or services that we have used ourselves so you can be sure they will provide you great value.

Disclaimer – Everyone knows I have a love of glitter so beware of what you may be purchasing!!!

In some cases we will be paid a small commission if you choose to use these products or services.  In all cases you will not be sorry you chose to use them too!!!  If you aren’t happy for us to receive this small payment you can go to google and search for the products and purchase them that way.

So here’s the list:

Want to get your own blog and have us install WordPress for you for free?  Read this post and click on the Hostgator link to get started.

Once you have your website running you might need help building your site, attracting traffic and just knowing you are on the right track.  Sign up for the same Website Launchpad course that I did when getting off the ground.  You won’t be sorry – Serena is so easy to work with and will answer any questions you have – Even the stoopid ones!!  These aren’t run very often as Serena is travelling the world too so click on this link to sign up for the next course starting in January.  Click on the picture of Serena’s best selling book to sign yourself up!!!  

We run our mailing list through Mailchimp.  Their service is free until you reach 2000 subscribers and then it’s fairly reasonable after that.  Check them out if you want to offer a free download or send updates to your email list.


Stay tuned for more links to come!!

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