Pyramids and Camels of Giza – More Pics And Our Camels Have Names!

Family Photo at giza, life changing year

Yesterday I gave you the skinny on Part 1 of our Pyramids of Giza tour.  Click the link if you missed it.  Here’s part 2.

After we dragged ourselves back onto our camels it was time to see the pyramids close up!  It’s so hard to believe they have been there for thousands of years and still stand as well as they do!

They were truly worth a couple of hours on a camel……

Pyramids of Giza

You aren’t allowed to climb the outside of the pyramids or the guide can get in trouble.  For once we followed the rules and had our pics taken at the bottom.  It doesn’t really look like you could easily make it to the top anyway.  Some of the blocks at the base were as tall as Jono – and he is tall for an 11 year old!

It’s hard to be serious even when you are visiting a wonder of the ancient world, when there are wierdos around doing this……

Walk like an Egyptian - In Egypt!

Yes, we walked like Egyptians!

And the occasional man in a dress gliding across the sand…..

Egyptian Traditional Clothing

Which of course has led to a whole new game of Pedersen family Spotto!!

The camels seemed to not mind the ten thousand flies that were sticking to their eyes and mouths but I’ll bet they lodge a complaint with P.E.T.A. after this humiliating treatment at the hands of the Pedersen family……

Camel kissing at Giza

Oh how I wanted it to lick him right at that moment!!

Then there was this…..poor camel headrest….

Headrest camel at Giza Pyramids

Kate and Gert were taking photos with the iPhone…look at the showoff not even holding on while he looks at them……..

Checking iphone photos in the desert!

I had to just about be a contortionist to take that pic while facing backwards and holding on!!

We learned that our camels had names.  Mine was Michael Jackson, Gert’s was Moses and Kate’s was Madonna.  She was pretty pleased that she had the only camel named after someone who was still alive!!

Our guide considered himself something of a photographic genius and he was just as warped as us!  Here’s some of his best efforts…..

Pyramid arm rest

and this…

Jono jumping off a camel in Egypt - Life changing year

After these shots we climbed onto our camels for the last time.  By this stage I could tell there was going to be pain in the coming days.  Sitting on the camel was like sitting on a marble bench for nearly 3 hours!  It was rock hard and my bum was starting to hurt!

When I was only half way on, Michael Jackson decided he had had enough of waiting and he bloody stood up!  Much screaming followed but I managed to stay on!!  I said bad words to Michael Jackson – can you believe it?

As we went down a hill to see the front of the Sphinx I started to slide forward on my camel.  I had slippery pants on and no foot stirrups on my camel (why the hell did Gert get the stirrups anyway?)  As we went further down the hill the guide kept telling me to lean back.

The more I leaned back the more my bum slid forward!  And now the  skin on my butt was being pinched too.  It was about this time I started to consider again how much it would hurt if I fell off sideways or ended up sitting on the poor camel’s neck once my arms gave way and would no longer hold my weight!

The genius guide decided we should stop so I could get a grip.  Which of course I couldn’t!  There was nothing to hold on to so I could move back, we were still on a hill, I was hot and sweaty and at this point I was considering walking the rest of the way!

I had a big fat blister forming on the palm of my hand from my frantic holding on too!!

I hung in there and we finally made it to the dismount spot!  I leaned back, Michael’s front legs went down.  And then he decided that was it.  He was done.

While I’ve got all of my weight on my arm and the muscle is threatening to CATCH FIRE by now.  The others were giggling…..I muttered more bad words to Michael…he sat down…..and I was finally free to limp away!!

I didn’t hold it against him though.  After all he is named after a deceased person!

Us girls got in on the camel smooching but we took the safe route on top of Michael’s head….no tongues for us….

Kate and Tracey kissing camels by the Sphrinx

Kate even kissed the Sphinx…..

Kate kissing the Sphinx at Giza

While this grumpy fellow looked on and told our guide we couldn’t be where we were….

Grumpy Po Po at Giza

AND that we had to delete our photo of him!!  AS IF!

(Note to grumpy bus drivers, tour guides and po po’s riding camels – if you insist we delete the photo we took of you we will of course pretend to and then put you on the internet.  You have been warned!)

Here we are again on our camels……..

Pedersen family camel riding in Egypt!

And here’s a pic of The Sphinx….

The Sphrinx, Giza.

As always, we thought she would be bigger!

We rode the camels on Monday and it’s Friday night as I write this.  I can still not sit down for too long as my bottom is in agony all this time later.  My right shoulder is non operational and I’m eating panadol like lollies.

We catch the train to Luxor tomorrow for a 10 hour trip.  I suspect I may lie down on the dirty floor at some point just to give my bum a break.

Of course there will be photos if my family has anything to do with it!!

I’ll leave you with the last photo of our camel friend…..Don’t you think he kinda looks like he’s smiling?

Smiling camel in Egypt!

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