Progress, Progress, Progress!!!

Since my midnight meltdown over the 180/160 day thing the other night some serious progress has been made in the life changing year preparations.  Really, what choice do we have?

Savings have passed the $3000 mark.  I’ve been reading the websites of a few other travellers and some seem reluctant to blab about how much money they are having to save to travel.  I plan to tell you all about it regularly!!  There will be no 50% of goal, 70%, 100% etc.  Just cold hard $ amounts.  The main reason being I would want to know the nitty gritty if I was reading!

So.  We started with nothing and have now passed the $3000 mark.  We hope to save $100,000 all up.  Some of this will not be in our hot little hands until 2012 as we have holiday pay and tax returns for next year factored into our budget but we expect to have around $55,000 by the time we leave in January.  (stop thinking that is a deposit for a house – I already know that!)

Storage was booked today.  My friend Kym Fedrick sent me an email with a voucher for cheap storage at Storageland, Yatala.  When I called them and said I needed 14 months storage it got cheaper again!!!  So between the voucher and the long term discount I got 4 months storage free – freakin’ awesome!!!  And the nice man chucked in some insurance cover too!!

We planned to get pods delivered to our house for packing originally – now we will have to take our junk to the storage place.  But Storageland will lend us a trailer for free and we are saving over $900 so it well worth the extra effort!!  I know I will regret this decision but I can always cave the week before and call a removalist!!!  I’m trying hard to be a frugal saver and keep all our money for travel – we will see in November whether my laziness or stinginess wins out!

I’ve submitted my formal request in writing to work for 12 months leave without pay and I’ve checked into International Drivers License requirements.

The decision on where to start has been made – We will be landing in New York in January!!

Our garage sale is booked for the last weekend in October.  We should have a good idea by then what stuff will be left.  Hoping to sell every bit of junk here, right down to bath mats, toilet roll holders and mismatched cutlery!!  I’ve even let a couple of our neighbours know so maybe it will be a MONSTER garage sale!!

Who knows.  Maybe our left overs can be the start of someone else’s life changing year!!

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