Pigeons in Chiang Mai – The Fix for Family Phobias!


I hate birds.

They are scary. They have claws. They have sharp beaks. They don’t share.

Hate them.

The girls aren’t big fans either but Jono thinks when he waves his arms he controls them!

So imagine our suprise when a simple outing feeding the fish in Chiang Mai lead to a load of bird interraction!

We wandered to a lake on a mission to feed the fish. You can buy big bags of fish food from a stallholder for only 10 baht. That’s about 33 cents Australian – BARGAIN!!

So we plonk down with our bags of fish food and proceed to feed the fish. Jono and I were having a great time but the girls weren’t really into it. Gert took a few photos and then the fun really started. The kids got a look at the fish!!

And they were enormous!!!

You probably can’t see they are as long as our arms!

While we were throwing handfulls of food into the river, Brittney was busy avoiding the pigeons. They are really brave pigeons and were trying to get the food out of the water! I couldn’t resist the urge to throw some bird food at Britt. The pigeons thought this was awesome even though Brittney didn’t!!  Especially when we put food on her head…

And on Kate’s head (she was screaming!)…..

And on arms…….And wherever else we could hurl the food and make it land!!

Ahhh…there’s more of our usual awesome parenting right there……!

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