Penang Night Markets – A long walk with a chance of falling down!

Penang Night Markets - Life Changing Year!

The Penang Night Markets are awesome.  There’s some life-changing shopping here if we were so inclined!!

Gert was really sick on our first night in Penang so we left him snoring on the couch and headed off to find some dinner.  We have a walk of about 5 minutes to get food and when we got there we discovered markets!!

Now, me and the kids, we love us some markets!!

And the Penang Night Markets of Batu Ferringhi did not dissapoint!

We toddled into a food court and had banana roti with icecream for dinner (don’t tell weight watchers!!)  It was AWESOME, but our hearts were already in the market!

And they did not disappoint!  There’s so much good stuff!  Pretty much since we’ve arrived I’ve been saying “if we were going home straight after this, I’d be buying that!” and “oh I wish we could get some of those – they are sooooo cheap!”

It is hurting me to not purchase ANYTHING.  Even when I am most tempted, I remember that any weak moments will result in the heaviest backpack in the world gaining a few pounds!  I cannot face carrying that thing if it weighs another ounce!  Each morning that I clean my teeth I wonder how much toothpaste weighs and how much lighter my pack will be because of it!!

The girls do not seem to have the same constraints.  As soon as their backpacks are out of sight they forget just how heavy they are.

  • Brittney has purchased a beautiful Sari, some Vampire Diary DVD’s and a satchel – she’ll soon be out of cash!!
  • Jono has only purchased a necklace from the Pewter Factory so he’s done well. He is a spender, so I have made him work out how much money he has to spend each week from the meagher amount he managed to save before we left.  Turns out he has just $4 Australian to spend each week.  This was an eye opener for him and should keep him on track with his spending.
  • Kate has been awesome and so far hasn’t spent a cent.  She’s come close though and it can’t be too long before she weakens.  She hates bartering but also hates to spend more than she should, so that’s keeping HER in line!!

As we mosied own the stalls this particular night, we were assailed by women wanting us to have a massage – foot massage, neck massage, fish massage – anything, they don’t care!!  So we kindly took their price lists and promised to return “tomorrow”.  If you ever use this excuse just beware they will remember you when you wander past tomorrow and insist that you “promised”.  Who knew??

The market stretches for blocks and blocks and it’s a slow wander.  There’s the added difficulty of it being dark and the ground is as uneven as Kuala Lumpur and also missing parts of the footpath!!

Brittney had a young man reach out to shake her hand and then refuse to let go!!  He gazed into her eyes and tried to woo her!  She “promised” to come back later and of course we walked back on the other side of the road.  The next night he’s feigning hurt feelings because he saw her walk on the other side – How he saw her is still beyond me!  They have a sixth sense here for shoppers avoiding them!!

I was wearing my Australian shirt and sarong as it was Australia day.  An Australian “”gentlemen” who was under the influence of large amounts of alcohol started screaming that I was a racist at the top of his lungs!!  We all laughed and reminded him that it was Australia day but he continued shouting until he was out of site!!  NOT COOL!  Kate was embarrassed but really he should have been the one who was embarrassed!!  He was what us Aussies refer to as a “Yobbo”!!

Half way through the market we realised there’s another level that we’ve been missing!!  If we just go behind the stalls there’s a heap of other stalls holding great stuff no self-respecting girl should be without.  Handbags, lanterns, magnets, shoes, T-shirts, fans, bowls etc etc etc!!

If you visit the Penang night markets remember I told you this stuff was here!

It was while visiting one of these sections that my body decided it was a little bit tired and that I should have a lie down!!!

I’m admiring a particularly shiny T-Shirt when I discovered that the floor was slippery!!  Down I go to closely investigate the concrete to see exactly why it is slippery, bumping my bum and my elbow on the way!!  Once again poor Kate is embarrassed as Brittney has to winch her mother up from the LYING FLAT ON HER BACK POSITION in the middle of the Penang Night Market!!!!

I’m laughing hysterically and being very thankful that my sarong did not end up over my head!!  I reassured everyone that I was not hurt and slithered away as fast as I could.  We get outside onto the street and I find myself skating down another slippery ramp onto the roadway!!  Thanks goodness I managed to stay upright this time – but it was close!!

In the minutes following I test out my now tender right butt cheek!  It’s not feeling fine and starts to ache as we finish the market and make our way back along the other side of the road.  Every time I have to go up a step it BURNS!!

Later that night I discover that it hurts all the time – sitting on the couch, lying in bed, plonking down on the toilet!  Involuntary little squeals come from me every time my butt makes contact with something – It even hurts on the bus leaning against the wall 2 days later!

I have a history of broken bones so this was probably a lucky escape.  It would have been a damn long walk back to the house with an injury but a funny story about the Penang night markets!

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Penang Night Markets – A long walk with a chance of falling down! — 4 Comments

  1. Now, now my sweet wife of mine, next time you use the toothpaste, the shampoo or all other toiletry, use them all! I’m the only one that has them in my backpack!

    • Lol. I forgot they were in your house of death!! Along with the electrical cords, the food bars I dragged from Australia and any other thing I don’t want to carry!!! But I am lugging $20 of Australian change that we were meant to spend at the airport before departure!!! I have to carry that for a whole year – mainly because we can’t eat it!!!!

  2. Ouch! I Hope your butt feels better soon! Ask your host families or hotel staff to teach you the stronger (but still slightly polite) NO to use on those you want to really say RACK OFF to in each country. In Thailand the word is Mai Ow (which translates to No way) and providing you smile as you say it to the ladies you won’t offend anyone too much. And ROFL at you guys discovering that tomorrow means tomorrow. Don’t ever say it to cab driver either – they will be waiting outside the house for you as promised! 🙂

    • We just say loudly and brightly “no thank you!!”. With a big smile!! Brittney cruised the markets as an American last night!! In a very broad drawl!!!! After a bit she said she didn’t know how to go back to her own accent!! The massage lady managed to get us too and we caved and had foot massages! Mainly because it was “tomorrow”. Lol!!

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