Part 3 – Chiang Mai one day tour – Elephants, white water rafting, hill tribes, butterflies and waterfalls!

This is part 3 of our one day tour in Chiang Mai.  It seems odd that it’s taken 3 posts to cover it all but it was a huge day and we had an awesome time!!

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As we dragged ourselves back into the pickup we were sad to leave the elephants but excited to be trekking and visiting a waterfall next.  I may have omitted to tell the assembled group that it was an hour of walking each way to the waterfall!  There’s no way we would have even booked this if we were the same little fat porkers we were a year ago!!

The walk turned out to be quite challenging for some of us (me!!) but everyone else had a great time!!  I’m usually a lazy cow but I climbed over logs, walked up man made flat ladders and even walked all the way across a fallen tree.  The family of course ran over the logs, jogged up the man made flat ladders and bounced across the fallen tree even though it was wobbling!!  Show-offs!!  The guide ended up walking behind me because he was worried I’d fall over – AS IF!!  Although at one point he did hold my hand for some particularly steep climbing – as did Gert on the way back!  But I made it all the way to the waterfall in one piece!

Jono had a great time on this walk.  At the half way point there were slingshots and he got to have a turn at shooting rocks into the trees with the guide while the rest of us caught up!  He got himself a big stick for walking and basically had a merry time jumping across rocks and climbing over anything.  On the way back he gave up his Gandalf staff in favour of a Harry Potter wand!!

When we got to the waterfall it was really crowded!  Something we had not expected!!  I was looking forward to a swim but the water was icy cold and in the end only Gert and Jono were brave enough to get in!!  I put my feet in up to my knees but the girls piked it and ended up spending their time patting and photographing a kitten (how did that get up here?) 

Here’s the proof that the boys swam in the Antarctic waters……

It was soon time to leave.  By now we were a bit tired as we realised we still had the walk back and then white water rafting to come!  I wondered how I was going to make it down the river but my usually cowardly self was pretty sure we would survive as I had seen the river earlier in the day and it didn’t seem so bad.

I knew that the rest of the family would be fine – they love it when I’m scared – I think it makes them braver!!

We made the long trek back to the pickup with very few dramas.  The ground seemed more slippery on the way back but there were no injuries!!  That makes a nice change for us!

The rafting adventure was to start at the same place we had ridden the elephants so we got another look at them as we put on our helmets and our life jackets.  Brittney and Gert had to have their glasses tied on – I started to wonder if it really was as easy as it seemed!

We all carried the raft to the waters edge and piled in.  Our raft helmsman explained to us what was expected of us.  “Paddle when I say go”  “Hold on to the rope when I say stop” “Paddle backwards Papa when I say Papa” “Move left when I say left” “Move right when I say right”

I thought…..(WHAAAT??  We have to throw ourselves around the boat?????  No-one told me this was physical labour!!)

After this 30 second safety lesson we were off!!  I was freaking out but hiding it well I thought!  Jono was in the back and was THRILLED to be in the boat!

As we toddled down the river we paddled when told and held on when told.  We ended up not having to throw ourselves left or right (I was so glad!).  On our second rapid my foot went under the seat in front and I lost a chunk of toe-nail!!  Eeek!!

Suddenly we were getting flicked with water….turns out Jono was being encouraged by the guide to splash us!!  What a little bugger!!  He laughed and laughed while the girls made threats against his life.  I quietly encouraged them to tip him in once we got further down the river.  Gert was brave – he even let me clutch his hand each time we went down a rapid!!

There were whole sections of the river that were quiet – we floated along, splashed each other, splashed a few other boats (much to their horror – we just pointed at Jono!!)

When we got to the bottom of the rapids our guide transferred us to the bamboo rafts.  He actually put our boat on top of the raft and Gert and I sat on the edge.  The kids had to sit in the cold water on the bamboo raft.  The guide thought it was really funny to walk to one side and start to sink it….this started a chorus of screaming….and mad giggling from Jono….who was promptly thrown into the water by Kate!!!

He had a mad panic and was trying to get back on the raft while we all laughed.  Then he stood up.  And the water only went to his waist as we floated by!!!  He was super brave after he realised we couldn’t drown him or leave him behind and the splashing started in ernest!!

As we neared the end of our trip the boat was let loose and the kids were meant to swim from the bamboo raft to where we were.  Brittney’s leg went right through the bamboo and it closed back around her shin!!  There were a few tense minutes when we thought she had broken something but it turned out to be fine and she hobbled up the hill to be soothed by an ice cream!!!

Luckily there were photos taken of us while we were rafting so I could add some into this post, otherwise we would have had no proof of our latest adventure!!

On the way back to the guesthouse the kids all fell asleep.  Here are the mug shots……

Next up….Gert, Brittney and Kate take a Thai cooking class……

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Part 3 – Chiang Mai one day tour – Elephants, white water rafting, hill tribes, butterflies and waterfalls! — 4 Comments

  1. The photos look fantastic! what a great day – trekking and white water rafting. Loved how Jono was wetting you all and then Kate throw him in 🙂

    That sounds sore – ripping out the toe nail! And Brittany is so brave with her shin.

    Great photos, and such amazing adventure!
    Lisa Wood recently posted..Foot InfectionsMy Profile

    • Hey Amber. Thanks for your kind comments. Plenty more photos to come – we are enjoying using our new Sony Nex camera!

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