Life Changing Year 2011

We have been talking about our trip (of course) ever since we decided to take off to the US in 2012. But the discussions turned this week to the changes we have already experienced in Continue reading

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Life Changing Year – How did this happen?

How did this happen to us?  Best idea ever!

So. Here we are. We’ve decided to chuck in our jobs, pack up our children and travel the 50 states of the U.S.A in 2012. But exactly how did this happen? What possessed us to make the decision to have a year that would hopefully be life changing? Basically we have a missed trip to Vegas, a volcanic ash cloud, a chance book purchase and a few sleepless nights to blame!

I was still mental over a missed trip to Vegas this year when I was stranded in Melbourne due to volcanic ash! It was extremely cold and very difficult to get a flight out. After an almost sleepless night I went to the airport to make sure I got on my flight. There I purchased two books. 1. How to Retire in 12 months by Serena Star-Leonard (looked like a fairly easy read and I wondered about the title!). 2. The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris (problem right there!)

Book one was finished at the airport.  And that baby was GOOD!  I started the 4-Hour Work Week on the plane. By the end of the flight, I was desperate to get home and keep reading. I couldn’t wait to see where this was heading. I finished the book over a couple of nights and thought about it all the time. By Sunday 3rd July I was unable to sleep and posted on Facebook “Can’t sleep. Wondering how to manage a whole year travelling the U.S.A with the kids. Any bright ideas anyone?????????”

To my surprise a few people commented ( I thought they’d all be asleep) including 2 of my children (who really should have been asleep) and my husband who was interstate. A couple of people from work and some friends volunteered to come along! It was a lost cause from there…

That night I did a quick calculation of what it might cost and how much cashola we could raise – savings, tax returns, sell the car and some junk around the place, hold a few Creative Memories classes, turn off the Foxtel, holiday leave, bank interest on the money we saved, next year’s tax returns while we were away, actually cook instead of eating out (!) etc etc.

Turns out it will be a stretch but we can do it!!! No doubt many more sleepless nights are ahead but we will be spending all of 2012 travelling in the USA!!

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