Santa Claus Indiana: Definitely on our list of places to visit!

Santa Claus Indiana

People.  Listen up.  You need to google Santa Claus, Indiana.  Yes.  As in a town called Santa Claus!!  Billed as America’s Christmas Hometown!!

This, straight from Wikipedia:   Santa Claus is the home to numerous themed attractions including: Santa’s Candy Castle, Santa Claus Museum, Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari (Get me some Mammoth!), Continue reading

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USA here we come!!

Planning is in full swing for our trip to the USA in 2012.  I have started to organise the first few sales of our “stuff”.  One pink GHD hair straightener (which nearly started a riot on facebook!) and one Homedics massage cushion down, 395 million bits of other junk to go!!

$1300 saved so far plus some cash from the sales.  I plan to put a little savings graph on here once I work out how so everyone can see how we are going in the cashola department!  Will help to keep me away from restaurants Continue reading

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I’ve learnt something today!

Gert always says it’s been a good day if you’ve learnt something! Well I have definitely learnt something today. I’ve signed myself up to learn all about websites and how to make them work because really up until now I’ve just been mucking around. As soon as something goes wrong I have no idea what to do!!

Tonight was the first night in a 9 week Webinar Continue reading

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Today’s pick me up!

I was feeling really tired this morning after helping out at our local netball carnival and doing some school shopping for the kids. All day I had been thinking about what I have to get finished before we travel Continue reading

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