Review: Saigon Street Eats. Best Tour We’ve Ever Been On!

Saigon Street Eats - hands off!

We head off to Thailand tomorrow and it’s occurred to me that we never posted anything about our Vietnam trip except on Facebook.  So I’m going to spend some time scheduling the good stuff for you in the next couple of days.  And I’m starting with the. best. tour. we’ve. ever. been. on!

Saigon Street Eats has been on my radar since I saw the owners Barbara & Vu announce that were going to start a business taking tourists around to eat.  I have to admit that a year later when we finally had the chance to go I assumed Barb’s little food tour would be begging for my attention.

Then I looked on Trip Advisor and saw they they were really high on the list of things to do in Ho Chi Minh!  They had amazing Continue reading

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Favourite Fotos: Oh It’s Just A Bit Of Rubbish!

Just a bit of rubbish?  Or a sign of a bigger problem?

I might have mentioned before that I just can’t get over the amount of rubbish left everywhere in South East Asia!  It’s not a judgement or a ‘why don’t they clean up after themselves’ type of thing.  I’m just constantly surprised when we come across a pile of rubbish.  I see it as a scourge on the earth, not just a bit of rubbish!

I’ve been vigilant not to become part of this cycle and if there are no bins available I’m always dragging home rubbish whenever we are out and about exploring.  I’ve had locals crack up laughing because I’m stashing the Continue reading

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Favourite Fotos: Can You Take A Selfie With Someone Else?

Can you take a selfie with someone else and not make funny faces?

Do you take selfies?  Can you take a selfie with someone else and not worry about what anyone around you is thinking?  This guy can!  I think just about everyone has taken a selfie at some point.  And often with others in the pic!  Do you ever consider who is watching you take the selfie though?  Most people are caught up in the moment and don’t worry too much who else is around.

While I was happily snapping away to get loads of pictures of the boys on their recent dodgem showdown at Vinpearl Land in Vietnam I suddenly focused on what the guy in front was Continue reading

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Announcing My October Women’s Retreat to Penang!

My women's retreat in Penang is happening!

Calling all my female readers!

How’d you like to join me for a women’s retreat to Penang in late October 2014?

How’d you like to laze on the beach?  Enjoy relaxing massages?  Share dinner with some fun ladies like yourself?  See monkeys?  Visit temples?  Eat world-famous Penang cuisine and have time for a bit of shopping too?

How’d you like to know that all your activities, accommodation and transport are included in your retreat fee and NOT ADDED ON TOP?

If all this sounds fabulous to you read on for the juicy details!

If you’re ready to escape the daily grind and reconnect with your unhurried self then this retreat is for you!  Join me in Penang, Malaysia for 7 nights of relaxation, laughter and stuffing your face with great food!

Don’t plan on losing any weight this week. Unless you’re dedicated enough to have a run on the beach each morning and every night!  I plan to show you the best treats Penang has to offer – all at a reasonable price.

Join old and new friends to explore or unwind.

The choice is yours!

The dates are 27 October to 3 November - go check your diary right now to make sure you are freeeeeeeeeeee!!

I’ve been a regular visitor to Penang for over 2 years now.  I especially love Batu Ferringhi!  I think I’m on my 7th visit back to this tourist destination as I write this!  Every time I come back it’s a little bit different - but still the same!  

women's retreat to penang means shopping!

I must admit, I’m hooked!

Which is why I’d love to share this great place with you ladies!

I’ve planned a whole week of exciting activities that allow plenty of time for lazing by the pool with a good book, wandering along the beach or hitting the shops.  This is a completely self-paced retreat.  You can join in all the excursions and explore everything.  Or you can laze by the pool and only leave long enough to get a massage every couple of days and fill your tummy with great food!

It really is up to you how active or sloth-like you’d like to be!

So what can you expect from your 7-day Penang Adventure?

The first thing you can expect is not to have to think about any of the details.  I’ve taken care of everything for you and all you need to do is show up!

Book your airfare, pack your bag, grab your passport, travel insurance and your spending money and leave the rest to me!

I'm including some basic details below and you can click here for a tentative full itinerary.  Please note the itinerary will not be confirmed until just prior to the retreat commencing.  I’ll be taking into account expected weather conditions and any local considerations to give you the absolute best experience I can.  You’ll be supplied a printed copy on your arrival so you know what to expect.  Again, should the weather work against us I’ll be adjusting our activities so you have a fabulous time every single day!

  • You'll stay in a nice hotel with a swimming pool!
  • On the first night we'll enjoy a welcome dinner to get to know each other better.  We'll also have a farewell dinner on our last night and I might just have a few surprises lined up for that!
  • We'll take a boat trip to Monkey Beach and enjoy lunch right there on the beach with monkeys threatening to steal our stuff!
  • We'll take guided tours of some local attractions, visit temples and eat local food.  I've experienced every single place I'll be taking you so I know you'll have a great time!
  • There'll be plenty of time for lazing by the pool or walking along the beach.  You'll have the chance to indulge in two massages during the week and you can choose what type of massage to have!
  • If you want to shop-till-you-drop there'll be plenty of opportunities between the night market and the local shopping malls.  Everything is here - genuine fake handbags and purses, pretty jewellery and hair clips, artwork, fake watches, t-shirts and loads of kid stuff.  Leave plenty of room in your suitcase when packing if this applies to you!
  • You'll get to experience the local bus, and for longer trips I've organised cars to take us where we need to go.
  • We'll even sample traditional Malaysian and Indian food and the famous 'green pancakes' I'm always going on about!  And I KNOW you're all dying to try Durian!

The whole week is optional so if you don’t want to do any activity or just want to lie in your air-conditioned room for an afternoon, you can!


Total cost for 7 nights is US$1200

What’s included in this price? It’s a long list of inclusions – are you ready?

Price includes:

7 nights accommodation in a mid range nice hotel with free Wi-Fi

Welcome dinner

Farewell dinner

1 lunch on the beach including drinks

Pick up in taxi from Penang airport to Batu Ferringhi

Taxi back to the Penang airport from Batu Ferringhi

Random special gifts!

All transport via local bus, car or taxi for the 7 days of included excursions in Batu Ferringhi and Georgetown.

All entrance fees to all attractions included in the itinerary

Boat trip to Monkey Beach

2 Massages during the week – your choice of 1 full body massage and either a foot massage, neck and shoulder massage or pedicure.

1 entrance to the Hard Rock Hotel Pool

Retreat guide – That’s Meeeeeeeee!  Plus any other helpers we might need!



Travel Insurance (compulsory for this trip)

Passport fees

Visa fees (Malaysia has free entry for citizens of many countries.)

Breakfast each day - honestly you'll probably want to skip it because we'll be eating too much!

5 dinners & 6 lunches.  Snacks & drinks.  Allow $150-$250 for the week.

Spending (shopping) money

Any extra massage services on top of those already included.

Bus, taxi fares or entrance fees for any exploring you do on your own.

Tips – not required in Malaysia but up to you if you tip

I hate it when you go on a retreat and then have to pay for all excursions on top so I’ve included them all for you.  I’ll pay for all your transport, including your airport pick up and drop off from Penang airport, all your entrance fees and a couple of meals thrown in too.  You won’t have to worry about lining up to get tickets or getting your own taxis – I want you to relax every minute that you are here!

So, what do you think?

Are you keen to grab this chance to unwind with the girls?  Would you love to forget the hustle and bustle of your everyday life?  Explore a new country and have a bit of pampering while you’re there?

I hope so!

Here’s what you have to do to confirm your spot!

You need to pay a small deposit to confirm your space.

Pay US$150 by 30 June to confirm your space.

Here’s the payment plan.

· $300 by 15 July 2014

· $300 by 15 August 2014

· $300 by 15 September 2014

· $300 by 15 October 2014

· Total US$1200

Once your final payment is received you’ll be a sent a welcome pack with all the details you need to know about your Penang Adventure!

Of course you are welcome to pay the full amount as soon as you book or at any time before it is due.  I just love to offer a payment plan so you can all see how affordable this is once you split it up!

Use this link to contact me via my contact page.  I'll send you an email back with all the information you need and the options you have for payment.

​Please note:  We need a minimum of four ladies for the retreat to go ahead!  I'm limiting numbers for this retreat to just 10 ladies so we'll have an intimate and fun week.  Also because I don't want to have to carry a long stick with a flag on top to help everyone keep track of me!  

If you’re ready to book then click here and send me an email to get payment details.  I’ll get back to you within 24 hours with full details.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have also using that same link.  I can clarify anything you need – no question is too silly!

If you can’t get away for a whole week and you’re interested in a 5-day package or if you’d like a price for you to share a room with another lady please let me know and I can work out the pricing for you.  Rooms have a queen size bed so if you’re up for sharing with your best mate you will save more again on your retreat costs.  

Still not sure?

Check out the sample itinerary for our fun week.  This isn't carved in stone yet but you can see how there'll be plenty of exploring, loads of downtime to relax and ample food in your belly!​  I hope that's enough to convince you that you DON'T WANT TO MISS OUT!

Have you ever been on a retreat before?  Let me know in the comments how you liked it!




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