There Are Big Differences Between Travelling And Living Local!

Big differences between travelling and living local can leave you deflated!

Many of you would know that we travelled in 2012 for the whole year and then we moved ourselves to South East Asia for all of 2014, mostly based in Penang, Malaysia and conveniently stationed near the night markets!

I have to confess that it never occurred to me that living abroad with a rental house would be any different from travelling around the world.  I was probably blinded by the prospect of street food on every corner and walking distance to get roti!

Living local in housing that is non-transient is a lot more like being at home than you would expect.  Who knew huh?  Actually it’s pretty bloody obvious if you actually stop to consider it!  But we didn’t.  Of course, ’cause that’s not how we roll!

We jump into stuff, like renting this house.  We fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants like me starting my new blog or offering my Continue reading

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Georgetown Attractions: Fascinating Clan Jetties!

DSC01858We’ve been busy exploring Georgetown attractions lately.  Considering we’ve been in and out of Malaysia for quite a few months, we’ve been really slack about exploring Georgetown and all there is to see here.

When my mum was here recently we hired a car for the afternoon and set off to explore.  First stop the Clan Jetties.

The Clan Jetties are not far from the city centre of Georgetown.  We walk everywhere so I can reliably tell you that the walk is around 10 minutes or so from the Komtar bus stop.  No matter where you’ve come from you’ll probably get off the Rapid Penang bus at the Komtar.  There are other buses that go right past the jetties too but really it’s more fun to walk and explore the little streets!

You could easily get a cab for a small amount of cash or jump on to a trishaw which you’ll find in plenty of the back streets of Georgetown.  If you’re already wandering the backstreets you’re likely to come across other Georgetown attractions that take your fancy too.

The jetties are, obviously, on the Continue reading

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So Google Slapped Me! Suspect Larry & Sergey Are On Crack!

Google slapped me - I'm not impressed!

I’m amused to report that on August 2 we received a note from everyone’s good friend Google, saying that our site has been flagged as having ‘a pattern of artificial or unnateral links’.  Basically Google slapped me!

For anyone who’s not a blogger this means Google thinks we are selling links to other sites on our site.  Which is particularly hilarious since we haven’t!

We’ve written reviews of the places we’ve been or activities we undertook and enjoyed – all paid for by us.

We’ve linked to Amazon a number of times – because I’ve written 5 books this year and, you know, you’re kind of supposed to Continue reading

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5 Super Saving Tips For Travelling The World!

saving tips for travelling the world on a budget

Travel wallet by mroach CC 

Managing your money while travelling can be tough, especially on a shoestring budget.  Cash saved in one location, can be worth a lot more in the next, so it is vital to keep a firm grip on as much money as you can while away from home.  

You never know what might lie around the corner in the remaining months or weeks of your journey.  We found this when we spent whatever we saved by being in Asia and didn’t hang on to it for when we got to Europe!

To help you out, here are five top tips for keeping the purse strings as tight as possible on your trip around the world!

Go Business Class on weekends

We have touched on different accommodation on this site before, but in order to be truly frugal with your accommodation money, you should Continue reading

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