5 Super Saving Tips For Travelling The World!

saving tips for travelling the world on a budget

Travel wallet by mroach CC 

Managing your money while travelling can be tough, especially on a shoestring budget.  Cash saved in one location, can be worth a lot more in the next, so it is vital to keep a firm grip on as much money as you can while away from home.  

You never know what might lie around the corner in the remaining months or weeks of your journey.  We found this when we spent whatever we saved by being in Asia and didn’t hang on to it for when we got to Europe!

To help you out, here are five top tips for keeping the purse strings as tight as possible on your trip around the world!

Go Business Class on weekends

We have touched on different accommodation on this site before, but in order to be truly frugal with your accommodation money, you should Continue reading

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Cut Your Accommodation Costs

Cut Your Accommodation Costs With My New Book!I’m not sure how many of you know that I wrote a book all about how to cut your accommodation costs.  Yup – I did – you can get it on amazon right now!

Accommodation is one of the biggest parts of your travelling budget.  If you can reduce your accommodation spending you’ll have extra cash to spend on other fun stuff or the ability to stretch your travel adventure for even longer!

The secret to paying less for accommodation is to be educated!

You need to know what kind of Continue reading

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Favourite Fotos – Who makes signs like this and hangs them in public?

who makes signs that make us all laugh?

I don’t even know where to begin with this and you all know by now that I’ll tackle pretty much anything!  Does anyone know what this could possibly mean?  Is a tampon a name for something else?

Who makes signs like this and is it just to make us laugh?????

Somewhere my brain is trying to tell me that I actually know what this means but I just can’t seem to remember it!

I googled other languages for stamp and turned up nothing so obviously I’m missing something.

It’s always hilarious when something catches your eye across the street and you go rushing over through traffic to take a photo though!

I’m so glad our camera is not usually far away!

If you know what this means please enlighten us all in the comments!

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Ever Been To A Vietnamese Water Puppet Show?

Vietnamese water puppet show opening pagoda

A Vietnamese water puppet show is a completely unique experience.  First of all, if you’re not aware, it is completely in Vietnamese!

Which is interesting…..

And secondly, everything is live.  Which is super fun!

We didn’t get to a water puppet show last time we were in Vietnam so we decided to see one on this visit.  Barb got us tickets and we rocked up Continue reading

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