Own a Colour and Help Save a Child’s Life

I’m a pretty charitable person.  I buy pens, raffle tickets and any other thing from almost any organisation that asks!  I help little old ladies across the road.  I stop to rescue small children who’ve fallen off their bikes.

I’m a bit of a do gooder at heart.

So I was very excited to see that the company I currently work for is encouraging people to purchase their own colour in aid of Unicef! That’s right for just GBP1  you can own your favourite colour!!

How could I resist a chance to donate and one that involved my favourite colour?

I jumped straight on the website and looked up the code for my favourite pink #f41aba.  (I only know the code because I use it on this website – you can just click on one you think is pretty !)  It was still available – SUCCESS!!!  I filled in the short form, chucked in my details and am pleased to annouce that I am now the proud owner of the beautiful pink that you guys see on this website.   I even named it Life Changing Year in honour of our 2012 adventures!

So how ’bout it?  Would you like to own your own colour?  And help a child with a small donation as well?

Feeling a bit blue?  Green with envy?  Tickled Pink?  Finances in the Black?  Or even in the RED??  Ok, Ok I’ll stop!!   I hope you get the picture!

The website is www.ownacolour.com.  Take yourself there and check out your favourite shade of pretty!

There are over 16.7 million colours to choose from so there’s sure to be one you can put your name to!

What are you waiting for?



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