Our to do list is getting shorter!!

Travel to do lists are so long!

I was going to tell you all today about how I am really scared to travel to Asia and India with the kids on our life changing year journey.  But I’ve spent a few days thinking over what I was going to say and now my panic seems to have subsided!!  Guess you will have to miss out on all the witty comments I had planned.

So instead I plan to ramble on about all the things I put to bed yesterday.

First I got the 2 remaining birth certificates we needed for passports – Kate & Jono’s.  Jono’s birth had somehow gone unregistered for 10 years (!) and I very kindly avoided the urge to change his name to Jemima as I was registering him.  He will thank me for my self control down the track!

Second, Gert has confirmed with immigration that he can leave the country for 12 months and still be allowed back with his permanent residency visa.  Anyone who knows us will remember the fun we had when he went to Denmark for his mum’s 70th a few years ago, only to discover his visa had expired and he couldn’t re-enter Australia after living here for 10 years!!  Good times!!

Third, I’ve found an interesting and relatively cheap bus company that I think we will tour with through part of Asia.  This is a big plus.  I know I said the panic has subsided but it could come back SO easily if I let it!!  straytravel.asia have a hop-on, hop-off bus service with a guide and a bit of interesting stuff thrown in (imagine a home-stay in Laos!)  Check out their cool website – they make it seem less scary than it could be.  And they take kids over 5 years – so it can’t be too much of a big boozy backpacker party right?  RIGHT?

Fourth, and this is my favourite, we made our Life Changing Year facebook page.  This was the next lesson in my Website Launchpad course and it was awesomely easy!!  I set it up during the lesson and had a post out before the lesson was over.  Such a relief to be able to do something that makes complete sense and was easy to use.  And as a bonus 34 of you lovely people have liked the page already !!  VERY EXCITING!!  Some people even posted our page on their own facebook wall so their friends could see it – EVEN MORE EXCITING!!  Thanks heaps guys!

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