Our Next Big Thing – Helping Plan Travel Adventures!

My friend Justin from The Great Family Escape has nominated us to share our next big thing with the world!  (Be sure to click on the link to see what Justin is up to – he has a lot of writing in him waiting to get out!)

Damn him!

I was trying to pretend I didn’t have a next big thing!

I was trying to tell myself we’d go home and settle down for the next 10 years and be happy and maybe I’d keep my plans to myself….

I was trying to ignore the little kernel of an idea that was trying to POP free at any moment! Ever since I wrote a few months back that we wanted to do things to help people I’ve been playing with a few ideas and trying to nail down the best one.

True to form, I don’t do just one thing well when it is for myself.

Employ me, pay me a wage and I have laser focus. I plan and execute.  I complete every important task on time.

On my own projects, I get bored and jump from project to project. Which is not the best way to finish a Next Big Thing and present it to the world.

I think I have the first recorded case of adult-onset ADHD!

So where are we at?

We have a three quarter finished funny story eBook! This one is a big priority for me and has been getting a tonne of love! It should be finished my mid December and the title will be “Funny Shit Can Happen When You’re Brave Enough To Travel”.

I know.

Shit has become my favorite word this year. It’s all over our blog and twice was all over my pants in Egypt! (Sorry, I just can’t help it – ADHD I tell ya!)

ANYHOO…..Here’s our actual Next Big Thing…..

What is the working title of your project?

It’s loosely being referred to as the Life Changing Year Travel Planning Academy.  Not sure if that will stay – Academy sounds really smart but I suspect I want something that sounds funky and brave for us new travellers setting out!  But it gives us something to call it for now.

Where did the idea come from for your project?

I often read planning articles on the internet – I’m always interested in what other people did.  It struck me that there’s no huge resource all in one place where you can get all your planning information.  There’s a lot of those for planning the actual trip with accommodation, food and destination info but not a massive pre-trip planning resource.

The planning and preparation are my strong suits. They’re the things I love, no matter how hectic or how short the time frame. I’ve always planned our short trips with military precision – spreadsheets, budgets, right down to whether we would eat out or cook each night. It’s half the fun of the adventure!

And I know at least one of my friends was impressed by my in-depth spreadsheets!

The preparation for long term travel is something most people will need to learn only when they are in the thick of it! Selling your stuff, culling your crap that you don’t even realise is crap yet, quitting jobs, saving money, telling friends and family, immunizations, rehousing pets, packing up, storage, insurance, carrying cash overseas, kids ongoing education, paying off debt, budgeting your trip – all of these tasks have not usually been faced by most people.

Unless you’ve moved to an entirely new country. Even then you might have just moved your life from one place to the next. International carriers move container loads of people’s junk across the world every week!

What is the one line synopsis of your course?

One line?  Are you on crack?  That’s not how I roll!

I want to take potential new long term travellers by the hand and give them a step-by-step process to get their own show on the road!

I’m planning a 6 week live online course backed up by a membership site simply oozing with preparation planning goodness.

I want travellers to get on the plane knowing every last detail is taken care of and they don’t need to find a phone when they land in a foreign country to cancel that last direct debit they forgot about!  *cough*

How long did it take to write the first draft of your course?

It’s taken quite a while – months.  There’s so much to think about when you’re planning to escape the rat race.  There’s so many different things and not everything applies to everyone.  It’s taken a while to sort everything into the correct order and find a way to present it that’s fun and engaging and doesn’t make the whole thing seem like a shit-load of work.  If you approach your planning bit by bit it’s a lot easier than gazing at the task as one big mountain.

I’m excited about this course! I’ve been excited while preparing and writing it and I’m super excited to present it! I think travel planning preparation is where my strengths lie.

Who would you choose to play your characters in a movie version of your trip?

This made me laugh – we put this out to our facebook page to see what our friends thought!  The answers were varied – Someone suggested Whoopi Goldberg to play me (!).  But I settled on the lovely Bette Midler (the only one to get two votes for me).  I think Gert would be ably represented by Ed O’Neill reprising his role as Al Bundy from Married With Children.  But someone did suggest Pavarotti (!)  Just typing that makes me laugh!!

What else about your course might pique the readers interest?

Despite not being big on planning once the trip is underway as you would have read here, I think the preparation for a life changing trip like this one is the most important part.  There’s so much to take care of before you leave.  Trips like this don’t usually occur within a week of deciding to go – unless you are very lucky and leave others to do things for you.

While I’ve been writing the course material, I’ve come across some amazing information that just won’t all fit into the course. It’s taken on a life of its own and I’ve created checklist upon checklist for all kinds of planning. I have excel budget templates coming out of my ears.

All this information would be complete overload for a 6 week travel planning course so I’m considering a membership site to cover all those other little details and to be an amazing reference for those considering or actively planning their own Life Changing Year, or Life Changing Decade!

Those that complete the Life Changing Year travel planning course would get a period of free membership and those that don’t do the course could access all the information in one membership site. If I can get over my loathing of my own man-voice I might even consider a travel planning podcast.

Yep – Tracey Pedersen on an iTunes download! The world definitely IS ending!!

So that’s our next big thing. Our Travel Planning Academy will be available in the new year and our membership site will go live around the same time.

Start thinking about those New Year Resolutions! Maybe a travel adventure is inside you dying to get out! If so, leave me a comment below to tell me what you think!

And when you’ve done that you should check out these two blogs. These are people I suspect have their own next big thing that maybe they’re trying to keep inside too! No more peeps – I’m outing you!

The Nomadic Family – Gabi, Kobi and kids are so fun and crazy.  We met them in person in Texas and have never been the same.  As an added bonus the link I’ve included is about the kids seeing them have sex!  I’d like them to announce their Next Big Thing to us all.

Gypseekers – Erin, Steve and Tyler were super-friendly when we met up with them in France.  We’ve stayed in touch and followed their travels.  They even stayed with my lovely hairdresser Karen, in Australia over Halloween – How cool is that?  Erin is an ideas girl and no doubt has her own Next Big Thing to announce to you all!

Thanks for reading this VERY long post.  Don’t forget to leave me a comment if you have a travel adventure inside you, just dying to get out!

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Our Next Big Thing – Helping Plan Travel Adventures! — 4 Comments

  1. like hell you put my biz card as ‘the kids saw us having sex’ great. now i’ll never live that down. how about i open an academy about how to have sex while you travel the world with your kids and them NOT see you. a video course, of course. great, so now that i’ve been tagged i have to think of some genius project. tough from the 11 partially done ones i have winking at me. oh, and i so beat you to adult-onset adhd. that is so old news. clearly, you copied me (again). just ate four slices of pizza like a starving wolf, and i wasn’t even hungry. it just looked good, and was a gift (you know, me and free food), and oh, did i mention it’s one am. i am so going to hell for this. you are too. you are connected, energetically…
    gabi klaf recently posted..New Friends, New Adventure: Dum, Dum, Dum…. To The Post Office With Enrique and Jorge (Lima, Peru)My Profile

    • Suck it up princess! I’m all about keeping it real!! If I had to finish my project then you can finish one of yours and get it out there!! Can’t wait to see what it is!

  2. Oh Tracey, you need to meet Annie because she’s doing the exact same thing you are. She’s creating a course around everything you just shared and then some.

    She and her family have taken a sabbatical to France and they’ve lived there a little over a year now and plan on staying one more year. She’s traveled a lot so she’s helping people and families understand what all is involved in doing this. Now they aren’t traveling the world but she is introducing us to others that are and sharing their stores. You two definitely have to meet.

    If you’re interested let me know and I’ll introduce you too. I think this is a fabulous idea and I told her the same thing. I would have no clue how to even start because I wouldn’t know everything I needed to do.

    I have no doubt your course will be awesome.

    Adrienne recently posted..Why Some Automatic Settings Are A Very Bad IdeaMy Profile

    • Hi Adrienne

      I do know Annie – we are in a facebook group for travelling families together. Lovely, lovely lady! And we missed them in France – they were away!! Annie does offer a planning service and it looks awesome! I have to say I’m looking to steer clear of most of the destination stuff and just give the pre-planning help that people need. I’m trying to niche it right down to something I’m passionate about. The trip seems to take care of itself once you’re on the road. Annie has the added benefit of so much knowledge about actually moving to another country such as France for an extended period too. All the legal stuff could be such a huge headache for long stays in one place! Can you imagine just how awesome her life is living in France?????

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