Oscars Stumble Spawns Hilarious Adele Dazeem Results Around The World!

Adele Dazeem Funny T-Shirt For Sale!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you will have seen or heard about John Travolta’s stumble at the Oscars while introducing Idina Menzel as the singer of the song from Frozen.  Poor JT announced her name as Adele Dazeem!

It was a pretty funny moment all on its own as we looked at each other and said “What did he call her?”

But what has come after is even more hysterical in my humble opinion.

There are hundreds of news reports all fascinated by just how badly he messed up her name.  Fair enough.

But then there’s this cool name generator where you can have your own name Travoltified!  It’s freaking hilarious!  My name (were JT to introduce ME at the Oscars) would be Teejay Pertersorn!  Yup – I think it could definitely stick!

It’s not quite as funny when you type Gert’s name in.  John calls him Glenn but we are so used to people getting his name wrong that we’ve already heart that one!!

If you want to make the moment really last you can even get cool Adele Dazeem T-Shirts.  I saw a few funny ones so I decided to make one too!  I really want one of these!  You wanna get one and we can be matching?

OR…maybe you might like Adele Dazeem’s new Twitter account.  Talk about a way to spend mindless minutes you’ll never get back!

I have to admit I love a bit of good-natured fun and really appreciate when things like this take off and give me a giggle!

Luckily Idina appears to have been able to “Let It Go”.

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Oscars Stumble Spawns Hilarious Adele Dazeem Results Around The World! — 3 Comments

  1. Didn’t watch the Oscars, and never realized about the name mix up! Sounds too funny – poor JT, bet he felt silly….
    I am really bad at remembering names, hardly ever get my boys names right!
    I like the Joke about the Lady who named her kids all the same name….Leroy. The lady at the centrelink counter was confused when asking the lady about her seven kids name….
    “So you named them all Leroy? Wouldn’t that be confusing when you want to call them?”
    “Nope” said the Mum
    “Its easy, I call them all in for a bath :: Leroy its bath time, Leroy its dinner time, Leroy its bed time”
    “Oh so what happens if you wanted just one of them” said the centrelink lady
    “That’s easy, just call them by their last name” said the Mum
    !!!! {Not sure if you have heard that joke?}
    Seriously – stuffing up a person name in a place where its recorded….gee that would be one you would never ever live down!

    • Bahahahaha! Funny joke – I like it! I did love the name stuff-up and he appears to have taken it well! Good-natured ribbing is my very favourite thing!

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