Oops! We Accidently Rented A House In Malaysia! Great Excuse To Visit Again!

We rented a house in Malaysia!  Be jealous!

Q:  What do people do when they return from a year of travelling and aren’t coping back at home?

A:  They rent a house in another country of course!!

Yep – the secret’s out.

We rented a house in Malaysia!!

The 5 bedroom, 2 storey house that we stayed in waaaay back in February of last year was suddenly about to be vacant.  And we could nab the houseful of furniture too at a reasonable price if we got organised.  So we skyped a bit with Our Travel Lifestyle who were about to head off to New Zealand and we got ourselves organised!

Gert and I had a whirlwind trip to Batu Ferringhi for 3 days to sign the lease, get a bank account, change over all the services and eat a tonne of roti and curry!

Then we sublet that baby to a lovely family from the US.  It was their first escape so was nearly as exciting as our own for us!  Everything seemed to be super simple (shoot us an email if you have any questions about renting in Malaysia).

We don’t really plan to live in Malaysia.  But when there was a furnished house for rent and the rent for one month there equals the rent for one WEEK here we kinda lost our minds and couldn’t resist!  I’ll say it again to convince myself.  We rented a house in Malaysia!

We’ll use it as a base to store our stuff and live there occasionally for three month stints.  Malaysia has easy access to a 3 month visa but we can’t really be bothered doing Visa runs all the time to keep coming back.  So we plan to be there each year for 3 months and see where the wind takes us the rest of the year.

Yes I said we plan to be there……we have decided to set off in January 2014 for an unlimited travel adventure!  Negotiations are still happening over who exactly will be accompanying us (as many of you know Kate wants to finish pesky SCHOOL!)

And work is afoot to get our online income up by about 100% so we can afford to eat!

But it will happen….we have about 209 days to really get ourselves together.  We’ve done it once so I’m not remotely bothered by the second effort.  This time we’ll be selling everything we own and not storing anything besides photo albums!

So dear readers…it’s really you guys who will be the beneficiaries of this next travel adventure.  We have a knack for having funny things happen to us (or we think everything is hilarious!)  The result is usually some funny travel stories like these:

You get the picture right?

Strap yourselves in people….the real fun is about to begin!

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Oops! We Accidently Rented A House In Malaysia! Great Excuse To Visit Again! — 11 Comments

  1. Wow! How cool! Every time I read one of your amazing updates, I end up in ten other places – silly language barrier moments (hilarious) and now Our Travel Lifestyle ! Thanks Tracey … And still hoping to catch up in Australia (or maybe Malaysia!) best wishes, Mo
    Mo recently posted..Exploring the end of the worldMy Profile

    • Hey Mo – everytime you comment I’m just so glad I have comments that aren’t spam! lol – We should make it until January before we escape to Malaysia – a play date in either of those places would be awesome! And aren’t Our Travel Lifestyle great? You’ll actually learn something from their blog too!

  2. Malaysia is really a beautiful country. There’s lots to see and do in this Asian Country. For that reason, I’ll definitely be looking forward to reading your travel stories about Malaysia.

  3. Hi,

    I know what you mean about the spam comments, they are such a pain. Your plans sound so awesome. Good luck with the online income, I am trying to increase mine as well. It’s not easy working a full time job, trying to write a Masters thesis and then working online to build sites, but come 2014 I know it will all be worth it.

    Jason from Travel on Inspiration recently posted..Top 5 Best Honeymoon SpotsMy Profile

    • Ha – I just cleared up 15 spam comments before I got to yours! Wow Jason – I’m glad I’m not doing a Masters thesis on top! I don’t think it’d get finished. You’re right – 2014 will make it all worthwhile. I recently implemented a productivity plan for my work from home. It has made a huge difference to my ability to get things done. I was bitching that it was stupid but then I found myself with all of my online articles complete before the due date. Apparently it works – maybe it would help you out to make one too?

  4. Wow have been enjoying your travels and was trying not to actually look at the end of the blog and couldnt stand it any more and found this. We might see you over there we fly in to KL on the 3rd of Feb to start our adventure.
    Michele recently posted..Human PincushionsMy Profile

    • Oh we will definitely be able to catch up then! We will have only been back in Penang for a week or two by then! This isn’t really the end of our blog. I’ve just been spending all of my time finishing our travel planning membership site which is supposed to launch tomorrow! It’s not quite ready and I’m a perfectionist so new blog posts will have to wait another few days! There’s so much that I never got time to write about – so many funny stories going begging!

    • Hey Guy (!) Thanks for dropping by! It’s definitely cheap to rent in Malaysia but they have some odd laws about purchasing. People we know who are Malaysian just rent long term (30 years or something like that). We aren’t keen to make that kind of commitment and our feet are too itchy. We won’t be setting down in a long time!

    • We had no drama renting Lis. But we did need our lease to be able to open a bank account so that caused a little bit of mucking around.

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