One Word That Does Not Describe Our Family? NORMAL!!

We’re famous today (well my version of famous!)  Check out the Family Trek website to see a great article showing the goals for 7+1 travelling families in 2012.  We are pretty excited to be included with such an amazing group with such big travel plans this year!

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Anyway, without letting all that go to my head, let’s get to what I really wanted to talk about today!!

I’ve never thought I was particularly normal.  And I never aimed for our kids or family to be normal.

I always hoped we were fun, wierd, messy, exciting, spontaneous, random and LOUD(ish)!

I’ve never really minded if the kids ended up having cereal for dinner because we spent too much time at the park.  Never really cared if someone had to wear their socks twice because there were no clean ones – hours of scrapbooking are far more interesting than laundry!!

So we have breakfast for dinner sometimes – what’s really wrong with pancakes or cheese on toast for dinner?  And does it really matter that the kids had to front up for school after attending the midnight Twilight premiere – it’s not my fault they have those things on a Wednesday night is it???????   To tell the truth the only one who suffered on 4 hours sleep was me!!

So my kid wore a fairy dress over his clothes every day for 6 months – no drama.  I caught another one in a compromising position with the boyfriend – I embarrassed them mightily and went off to bed happy-ish.   Broken favourite perfume, missing shoes, bad school reports, not attending school at all…..I take most things in my stride.

I’m thrilled when the kids are embarrassed because they can hear my car stereo before they see the car, amused to watch their heads turn to find me in a shopping centre because they can hear my jangling keys when they don’t know I’m actually there and delighted that they tell me their juicy gossip and that occasionally their friends think I’m cool!

Friends need somewhere to stay….no problem… need picking up from where?… Now maybe we have a problem!!

We aren’t normal, we don’t have routines, we are pretty spontaneous…..

So I was amused this week when Jono came to my work wearing a cat headband and there were quite a few comments…”We can tell who your mum is!”  “Did your mum make you wear those?”  “It must be hard to live in your family!”  Hahaha….Jono mightily defended the fact that he chose to wear them and he didn’t even take them off though the comments continued all morning.  I was so proud!

Then a friend on facebook this week said she always thought I was “out there and unpredictable”.  She said I had more guts than anyone she knows (except for snake handlers!)

I was so relieved (thanks Nicole!)  Just.  So.  Happy.  To know that I am slightly odd, am raising quirky kids and that someone thinks my bravery in travelling is second only to a snake handler!

Success is never having to say you’re normal!!

This post was meant to be part of a 30 day project being run by  I kind of got sidetracked but now I’m catching up because it was such a good idea and I can’t bear to leave it unfinished!  Check back each day for my latest bout of rambling….

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We are an ordinary Aussie family who decided to have a BIG adventure in 2012. A Life Changing Year of adventure it was! We have now set off on our indefinite travel adventures as a family of 3. Also helping others to do the same!


One Word That Does Not Describe Our Family? NORMAL!! — 8 Comments

    • I have resolved to have my photo taken with a snake handler at some point on this trip Clarke – then we’ll see who comes out on top!

  1. Hey Tracy, I think that you and the family are going to have the most wonderful life experiences and I also am in awe of the courage, that you and Gert are making this trip. I wish you all the very best and am eagerly going to follow your travels…with a bit of jealously, I must admit, Keith will not envy you at all, he has no urge to travel. Will speak soon. xx Love the site by the way. xx

    • Hey Wendy – so glad you will be following along. I promise to regale you with all our stories! I guess everyone is different when it comes to travel – if it’s your thing maybe you could do a solo trip – or a girls trip? Thanks for your kind words – wish I had enough room to take all my jewellery that I got from you! Wouldn’t I look smashing in all those pics!!

  2. Normal is not a virtue! Rather it’s a lack of courage-said some person much wiser than me. I’m so excited for you to have the courage to set out on this adventure. If you make it to Texas, you have a group of non-normal people here who would love to meet you.
    Jessica recently posted..Jesus in Cowboy BootsMy Profile

    • Woo Hoo! Can’t wait to get to Texas now Jessica! Our original plan was 12 months in the USA but no can do due to Visas. Will definitely give you a heads up when we are getting closer. And I agree, normal is not a virtue!

  3. Hi there,

    I first found your blog google searching travel backpack reviews, very informative when I went off to buy my backpack (I am traveling myself at the end of the year) and I just want to say you and your family are inspiratational. I love hearing about all your stories and have even checked out all your kids blogs!

    Keep having a fantastic time and I look forward to hearing some more amazing stories!!

    • Hey Emma – thanks so much for your kind words. Glad we could help you out. You’ll be setting off just as we’re getting ready to go home!! Let me know if you have any travel questions. We’re always happy to help out.

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