One Day in Heaven – My Best Travel Memory.

Ahhh…my best travel memory.  So many to choose from – where do I start?

The best day I’ve had travelling so far would have to be in Las Vegas – actually it was the best week I’ve spent doing anything in a very, very long time!

Gert and I took an 8 day trip to Sin City in August 2010.  It was this trip that planted the little seed that eventually led to our life changing year adventure in 2012 (we had no idea of this at the time however).  After visiting Vegas I even decided I wanted to create a website with awesome info on it for other would- be travellers (It hasn’t had quite as much love as this site however!)

We took this trip because Gert was turning 50.  I booked it as a surprise but ended up confessing about 6 weeks before!  I find the anticipation of something fun to usually be as much fun as the actual activity and I didn’t want him to miss out on that part (something about the journey being as important as the destination comes to mind).

We decided not to take the kids much to their disgust and we were super lucky to have awesome friends with grown-up children who could babysit for us (thank you Sonya!!)

We had an amazing week and all we had to think about was ourselves.  Oh, and what to eat, where to gamble, how to get those 50 Vegas shirts home, whether lollypops with real crickets inside them would be allowed through customs and how to spend all that money Gert won playing poker.  It really was tough to take!

The best day for me by far was our second trip to Fremont Street.  Who would have imagined that the old part of Vegas would be the best!  We had visited Fremont Street earlier in the week and suddenly found ourselves with a free day.

I should point out that I plan short holidays within an inch of their lives in a spreadsheet with times and date and directions etc.  This allows us to know what we want to see and then rearrange our plan as we go along.  We had actually combined 2 days of planning into one so we had time to do something extra.  We chose to visit Fremont Street again.

The sight of that overhead canopy all lit up with music blaring is just amazing.  We were there when they played a montage of Doors songs and later the same night they played a KISS set.  There were so many people milling around all looking up to the screens.  Eating ice-cream.  Drinking beer.  Singing Elvis karaoke (don’t ask!)

Gert and I wandered into an old style casino and they gave us both a set of mardi gras beads.  They were really cute – the beads were little dice.  Now in Australia you can buy similar beads in the cheap shops for about 50 cents.  At the travelling carnivals the kids can win them on the clowns.  They are nothing special.  Just cheap plastic beads.

The receiving of these beads made us chuckle and we went inside to play the machines.  We played for a bit and then Gert won about $75 and decided to take it out of the machine.  That’s when the real fun began!!  The machine ran out of coins and the attendant had to give Gert a payout.  Along with his cash he received 3 pairs of beads which were placed royally around his neck.  Then I won $50 on my machine.  But, no beads were bestowed upon me!!  Gert gave a snicker and wandered off.  The attendant heard me pretending to grumble and brought me a big handful of beads all for me!

I rushed over to Gert to brag about my jewels.  Only to discover him PAYING the girls on the door to give him more beads!!  Suddenly it was a race to the death to see who could get the most beads!!  Another patron was leaving and didn’t want his beads – Gert managed to score them too!!   Sheesh!!

When we finally dragged ourselves back out to the street we each had about 12 sets of beads.  We proudly wore them the rest of the night and on the bus back to our hotel.

The next day we flew to LA and spent the day sightseeing. We caught a train into Hollywood boulevard and on the way there were several people standing up on the train.  I did my crazy eyes to Gert a few times trying to get him to look at one of the passengers.  He was wearing Mardi Gras beads and we weren’t even in Vegas!!  We pretty much giggled hysterically the rest of the train trip!!

We can never part with a souvenir so those babies were carted all the way home to Australia and spent the next few months hanging on the end of our bed!!

This post is part of a 30 day project being run by  I’ll be posting for the next 30 days based on the subject of the day!  Check back each day for my latest bout of rambling….

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One Day in Heaven – My Best Travel Memory. — 6 Comments

  1. Let’s get ready to rumble! OMG, a bead fight. What a great memory, so much fun. I like your 30day bootsnall project by the way, it provides lots of inspiration!
    It’s good you went away without children, that’s an important thing to do for parents because it shows you there’s still a kid inside you even when they are not

    Emiel recently posted..10 Extraordinary Travel Sceneries (part I)My Profile

    • Thanks Emiel! I’m really enjoying posting everyday. It’s great to receive a topic and think about what to write. Especially since we are still in the packing stages and not really writing about our adventures just yet. This was our first holiday without kids so it was an awesome getaway! Having said that I’m looking forward to showing them all the great things in Vegas – I hope it’s as fun as i remember!! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. You are so right when you mention the anticipation of a trip. That’s a big part of the fun. Monica and I have each surprised one another with little trips here and there, but an epic trip like this is something you want to make sure you can both enjoy the build up to.
    Clark Vandeventer recently posted..Let Them CryMy Profile

  3. Great Story!

    When are you going to Vegas on your RTW? I would love to meet up if we are free. I used to live close in Los Angeles and loved driving there on weekends. Of course I could only last a weekend there, but it is fun!
    Justin@GreatFamilyEscape recently posted..Saving For The Holidays (and Travel)My Profile

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