NEW WEEKLY SERIES. Favourite Fotos!!


We have taken over 4500 photographs so far on this trip in just over 100 days!!

That seems like a ridiculous amount considering I will feel obligated to scrapbook them all into albums when we get home! Can anyone say “sleepless nights??”. Lol

Some make it to this blog, included in various posts. Some are not meant to be shared and are just for us.

So what to do with the thousand of pictures that are still interesting but won’t see the light of day until we get home? (Remember they are now taking up space on the hard drive!)

Well…..We’ve decided to share them with you anyway!

As of this week, we will start a new series of our Favourite Fotos! (we’ve stayed at KOA Kampgrounds this week where they have Kampers and Kabins so we’re feeling a little bit liberal with the English language!!)

Each Tuesday there will be a new pic for your viewing pleasure!! Some will just be us being silly but some will be of places we have visited that our readers may find interesting or wierd!

Check in Tomorrow for exhibit A!

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