Neil Armstrong Dies, Lance Armstrong, Shootings at the Empire State. No More News For Me!


I’ve avoided the news most of the 7 months we’ve been away!!

Facebook and Twitter is about the only place that news has crept into my daily life.

No news feeds for me. No newspapers. No online Google News. No TV. Avoid the headlines. Avoid any miseries in the world.

Gert, on the other hand, has an RSS feed filled with news both in English and Danish!

The last few weeks it’s been sneaking up on me though.

In England the country was reeling from another child killed by family. Everyone was talking about it. It was in every newspaper in all the stores. My mum buys newspapers so they were around.

We watched more TV than usual while we were there (the olympics) so we saw more news.

In France we thankfully can’t read the French papers!! But since I installed a new toolbar on our computer I’ve been weirdly sucked into the crap tabloid news.

  • Woman drowns under weight of own wedding dress!
  • Miley Cyrus has a new haircut (let me tell you that IS shocking!)
  • Michael Jordan’s son arrested!
  • Man mistakes son for monkey, shoots him dead!

You get the picture. All quality stuff.  And notice I didn’t link to them – I just saved you hours of your life you’d never get back!!

Then there’s the actual news.

  • The shooting in the Colorado theatre (just weeks after we were there!)
  • Lance Armstrong set to lose his cycling titles
  • The shooting at the Empire State Building (just weeks after we were there!)
  • Neil Armstrong dies at 82
  • Julian Assange being granted asylum (and our Australian government’s apparent abandonment of their citizen!)

Etc, etc.

I haven’t been too bothered by missing the news up to this point and I think I’m going to go back to ignoring it. While I was busy reading that stuff I could have written a blog post, worked on our new travel course, gone for a walk, planned the next part of our trip or washed my hair!

All of which would be more positive than the latest news!! (And my hair could really use a wash!!)

How about everyone else? Do you keep up with the news while you’re on holiday? Or are you too busy having fun? Let me know in the comments – I’m interested what other people do.

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Neil Armstrong Dies, Lance Armstrong, Shootings at the Empire State. No More News For Me! — 2 Comments

  1. We were in Bangkok last year during those terrible floods, and were confused by the news reports we saw upon returning to our hotel, to know that the ‘city’ was flooded just after we had returned from a day in the city sightseeing…hmm. Our feet were dry…and there had been no rain. However a few days later when we were in Phuket, the city (Bangkok) did indeed flood….

    • I’ve long since given up on the media! Today’s post with all those other family bloggers pointed out in many of them that the media would say the whole town was under siege and really it’s just one city block!! I think you have to make your own decisions on whether to go somewhere. We wouldn’t have gone to Egypt if we had listened to reports. Actually now they are bombing Israel so maybe that’s not a good example!!

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