Monday’s News, Tomorrow’s Newsprint – Is that how it goes?


 Today we are excited to be Monday’s Featured Travel Bloggers at New Life On The Road! As Gert says – we are famous for the day!!

And you all know how shy we are and how we hate to be famous!

Remember there was that time that we were mentioned by The Great Family Escape when we were getting ready to leave. I met Justin on twitter as my fame spread to other continents!!

And the time that Kate was featured as a travelling teen – again by The Great Family Escape (boy those guys LOVE us!!)

And just recently I tried to be a grown-up and actually pass on some travelling advice when Worldschool Adventures asked for some ideas to help others setting out on family travel (or as I like to think of it, their very own Life Changing Year!) I’m counting it as a success since no-one sent me “grow up” hatemail!!

Of course we are not famous at all but we have become part of an amazing community of travelling families (who we have managed to trick into liking us!!)

Some have blogs to document their paths, some don’t.

But what they all have in common is a love of family and a love of travel. A real desire to pass on information and advice to other travellers to help them have a much more fun and safe adventure!!

We are so pleased to be part of this community.

Be sure to click on the links above and check out the blogs (feel free to leave comments on these blogs about how you know and love the famous wonderful Pedersen family from Australia – you can be famous by association!!)

But don’t stop after you read how very awesome we are….have a dig through the sites and you will realise what an amazing and interesting bunch of people we have come to know……..

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Monday’s News, Tomorrow’s Newsprint – Is that how it goes? — 8 Comments

    • Ahhh. That’s my fame again for you!! Lol. So excited to be included in your series – hopefully someone will get something useful from our story! Even if it’s just $1 Pad Thai!!

    • Wow Justin. Why hadn’t I thought of selling my own photos? Great tip!! You better get your blushy checks ready – it won’t be that long and we’ll be on your doorstep!!

    • Thanks Amy!! When we both reach the required level of fame we can sip drinks on the beach together!!

    • lol Amber. Hope you know that’s all tongue-in-cheek!!! hehehe…anyway you’re heaps more famous than me!!

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