Favourite Fotos – Malaysian Fish Spa Fish Calling For Help!

Malaysian fish spas are the best fun!

Help, help!!  These feet stink!

GET.  US.  OUT.  OF.  HERE!!

That’s SO what the little Malaysian fish spa fish were trying to say in Kuala Lumpur when we took this photo.

This was our very first time letting fish nibble our toes.  We didn’t even know such a thing existed until this day in KL!  But we paid our couple of dollars each and stuck our feet in!

Compared to other fish spas that we have since used, these fish were hungry.  They nibbled a scab off one of the kids feet and there was blood.  The lady handed out a bandaid and all was well.

Until they nibbled a little scab off the top of my foot and there was more blood.  The poor woman nearly had a heart attack!  I’m sure she thought her beloved Malaysian fish spa tank had been invaded with man-eating piranhas from the Amazon jungles!

I was quick to assure her we had blisters beforehand and the fish had just found them and they weren’t suddenly trying to strike back against the humans!

Definitely the best fish spa we visited was this one in Kuala Lumpur.  Better fish that were hungrier than some of the smaller tanks we’ve seen!

Have you ever tried a Malaysian fish spa?  What did you think of it?

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Favourite Fotos – Malaysian Fish Spa Fish Calling For Help! — 2 Comments

    • Yes, there is a definite difference between different places. These fish were the best pedicurists ever while other places have fish that swam around our feet and said ‘no thanks!’ It sometimes seems like people just shove in a tank to capitalise on the tourists liking the novelty of it but they could be goldfish in there for all the interest they have in feet.

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