Love Locks. Don’t Really Say Romance But Look Cool On A Bridge!!

Love Locks of Paris

We’ve seen some really cool things on our travels this year.

Amazing scenery in the National Parks in North America, temples in SE Asia where elephants wander by, all kinds of wierd forms of transport, wild bears in backyards in Tahoe, 850 year old churches and even a gold porchse!!

So when we find new cool stuff you’d think we take it in our stride.  But no, we are still ridiculously excited to find new fun sights!

And so it was when we stumbled across the Love Locks of Paris!

I’d vaguely read about these at some stage.  I thought they were on a specific bridge in Paris.

And when we stumbled across it on our way from Notre Dame to the Louvre I thought we were some kind of travelling geniuses!  We weren’t even looking for these cool symbols of yucky-love-stuff and we still found them!!

No one seems to know the actual source of inspiration for these locks that people place on bridges and it doesn’t really matter!  Lovers come to Paris to clip a lock or two onto the bridge to signify their luuuurrvve!!  Apparently you are meant to throw the key into the river but some people take them home and pass them on to their kids!  (Explains all those bloody keys hanging around some people’s houses!!!)

Sometimes there’s a single lock and the names of the couple are written on in nikko pen.  Sometimes there’s two locks – we saw some that were a pink lock and a blue lock intertwined!  Pieces of ribbon and wedding veil are also occasionally tied to the locks.  It’s all very sweet!

Love Locks with writing on them in Paris

Still more had engraving on them!!  We looked all around to see if we could find an engraving shop.  We didn’t see one nearby – I’m guessing people show up with pre-engraved locks.

Engraved lovelocks in Paris

What we did see was lots of the souvenir and book vendors with padlocks for sale.  Of course we didn’t know what for until we stumbled across the bridge!!

I googled the legend of the love locks afterwards and learned that a few years ago most of the locks disappeared overnight!  No one is too sure but there seems to be consensus that they were removed by the local council so the bridge did not get damaged.

It had zero effect apparently as they were quickly replaced by the next wave of lovesick puppies who were more than likely thrilled to get prime position for their love tokens!!

It is reported that some people even come back year after year with their partner to check on their lock.  Others come back to attach new locks after ditching their previously-thought perfect match!  And the odd one skulks back with bolt cutters to remove all evidence of his or her doomed romance!!!

How hilarious!!

As we wandered further up the river we were amused to discover another bridge with hundreds of locks attached to the railings!!  Apparently when one bridge fills up they start on another!

Love locks near Notre Dame!

And it seems it’s not just in Paris!  The craze is spreading to bridges in Florence, Moscow and Marrakesh!!

I actually really liked these bridges laden down with gold, silver and other coloured locks.  When you look at the back of the railings in the sun the locks sparkle!

And if nothing else they make for really great photos!!

Amazing lock photos in Paris!

Have you ever left a lock on the bridges in Paris or anywhere else?  Or do you know of another cool place like this?

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Love Locks. Don’t Really Say Romance But Look Cool On A Bridge!! — 11 Comments

  1. I LOVE your post…the brass double heart shaped LoveLock is one of the 1st LoveLocks launch in the USA. It is pretty amazing that it would be locked on that bridge in Paris. I am passionately crazy about your photos as well. LoveLocks, Inc. would LOVE to share this tradition with all the lovers, friends and families wanting to “Lock their Love”. I invite you to visit our website at

    • Hey Debbie. Thanks for stopping by! Love your website – I just knew some of these were planned by lovers and not just a spur of the moment thing! I’m afraid mine would be written in texta and bought from the book seller. I’m not organized enough to arrive with mine pre-engraved!! How funny that we photographed an American lock. It’s the one that caught our eye out of all those thousands!

  2. Gosh that is so cool ~ have read about them but not seen any. Such a great way to leave a bit of history behind, and would make a great anniversary gift to each other…imagine returning 50 years later and still seeing the love locks there! Such a great way to celebrate love 🙂
    Lisa Wood recently posted..Disconnect To ReconnectMy Profile

    • You’re right Lisa – a great anniversary present! left a comment on this story – you can order locks from them with engraving. All different kinds. Imagine returning 50 years later and still being married to the same poor victim!! hahahahaha!! Bad Tracey, Bad Tracey!!

  3. Love this bridge in Paris – I stumbled upon it by accident too! My parents locked a lock onto it and threw their key into the river when they came to visit me in February (while I was teaching abroad). Great pictures!
    Haley recently posted..Brussels in a DayMy Profile

    • cute you parents did that. I wonder if you could find their lock in amongst the other thousands? Could be a big ask!

  4. The Pont des Arts – that was where they started in Paris. The wooden bridge. The lover’s bridge. I kissed my husband there on our honeymoon. Wonderful memories!

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