Life Changing Year Panic Attack!!

Oh dear.  Panic is about to set in at life changing year planning headquarters.  I’ve been telling myself for ages “we’ve got over 6 months until we leave, plenty of time to get everything done”.  “I can get everything sold a little bit at a time”.  “I really wish time would go faster – I can’t wait 6 months!”  “It should be OK, I’ve still got 6 months!!”

Then.  I popped myself down tonight to find a nice little counter for this site.  I thought a snazzy little widget would be cool so we could all follow along and see the countdown until we leave.

How cool for all our friends to see how I’ve got over 180 days until we leave.  (And maybe they’ll stop giving me THAT look when i am slowly calmly going about my business.)

So I had a nice play and downloaded a few.  Finally found one I liked (I’d secretly like to keep looking for a better one but it’s midnight and I have to go to work tomorrow!)

A funny thing happened when I installed the counter though.  I fiddled the date to change it into Aussie format so I could keep track properly (you know how it is with American dates – is that date 1/3/11 or 3/1/11?)  I took out the hourly counter and the months – I just wanted days.  I chose some gaudy colours so it would stand out.  I checked back to the site to make sure it was working.

But it isn’t.  It keeps showing 160 sleeps.  And I know we have over 180 sleeps because we have just over 6 months until we head off for our life changing year.  I know this because I have counted on my fingers.

I have imagined how I will get our tasks completed and I’ve broken them up into 6 equal monthly bites.

As I set and reset the date a horrible realisation came over me.  I sat back as the blood started to drain from my face and I discovered several things at once……….

I do not have 6 months.

The counter is not broken.

I have only 160 days.

I cannot count.  Even using my fingers has not helped.

I will obviously not be able to home school the children in maths.

I’ve been counting the number of PAY PERIODS until we leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a freaking idiot – and now this idiot is FREAKING OUT!!

I just lost a whole month of selling, planning, packing, throwing out time.  In a split second.  Just gone.  Oh dear.

So I’m going to bed.  And tomorrow I will formulate a new plan with 20 days less.  And I will tell myself I’m excited to only have to wait FIVE months.

And I will know why they’ve all been looking at me like that……….!

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