Life Changing Year – eBook release imminent!


Life Changing year eBook release imminent

Life changing year preparations are continuing even though I have just enjoyed a scrapbooking weekend away!

One of the items on my to do list was to finish my Vegas photo album and it is now 95% complete.  Another half an hour or so spent journalling should see it all finished!!  I will be so happy to have one out of the way.  That will leave 2010 to complete and the Ayers Rock photos to finish off as well.  Should be easy to have it all done by Christmas (famous last words!).

I carted an enormous box of newspaper clippings, report cards and general kid memorabilia with me on the weekend as well.  This has now been sorted into a nice compact folder with sections for each child.  I will happily store this folder as opposed to the giant box with half eaten papers in it.  And now as I sort more years of paper out I can easily store them in the correct sections.  An awesome step forward and possibly a life changing clean up in itself!  I’ve had that box for about 15 years now!

The other item to receive my attention on the weekend was the writing of my eBook.  Anytime I mention our trip to a friend or a stranger who hasn’t heard that we are going (and honestly there are fewer and fewer who don’t know), the first thing people usually say is ‘how does one afford that’?  Our son even asked us if we had won lotto when I told him!!

This got me to thinking that lots of people may be interested to see how we are financing our life changing year and that maybe I should put together a list of the ways I have managed to save money to use overseas.  I thought maybe these ideas could be used for other people’s travel plans or even adjusted slightly to help others find cash for their own dream.

So I spent part of the weekend writing my eBook and it is now 99% complete.  I will put the finishing touches on it during the week and it should be available on this site by Tuesday 30th August.

When you come to the site after that date you will see a subscription section in the top right corner of the home page and be able to pop your name and email address in so you can download a copy of the book.  The book will be free for all subscribers and once we leave on our life changing travels the subscription will help you to stay in touch with what we are doing and where.  How good is that?

I know.  I’m a genius.

You can thank me by letting me know what you think of the book and whether it was useful to you  – either to understand how we will manage this or to assist you to find hidden cash in your life to put toward your own life changing year!

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