Life Changing Competition – Enter Now!!!

It’s competition time!!

And maybe I’ve used the term life changing when applied to the prize pool a little bit loosely!

But here you are reading right??? So sue me…lol

I’ve been struggling a bit with the no shopping rule while we are away. Normally on holiday I’d be picking up a scarf here, a magnet there, the odd useless paperweight covered in glitter (probably made in China whilst masquerading as an authentic Vegas keepsake!)

This time nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

Get the picture?

I’m suffering I tell you!! Drooling over cute scarves, trying to convince myself that I really can carry that awesome new handbag – after all if it’s a bargain it must weigh less, right? RIGHT?

Turns out, no.

So that’s where you come in!!!

You are going to get the souvenirs!! How lucky are you?

I know, my generosity is legendary!! I don’t know how I can stand myself!!

Since you can’t all be on the (non) shopping trail with me, I’m doing it for you!!

I decided to go a little wild and boy did I have fun!!

There’s pics of the awesome prize at the bottom of this post. NO, don’t scan straight down there now….stay right here and read the rules!! Wow, who knew souvenirs could be so exciting?!?!

The rules are this……

1. You need to like our Life Changing Year Facebook page. Pretty easy – some of you will have already done that!! Just click on the link. Run your mouse over the like button, click and voila, you’re in the club!!! You need to continue liking our page until after 30 April when the prize will be drawn and announced on this site and on the fb page. After that you’re free to dump us……we won’t hold it against you though we will miss you….sniff…sniff…!

2.  You also need to subscribe to our mailing list on this site.  Many of you have done this already and received our free eBook. You don’t have to download the book if you’re not interested, just use the box to subscribe to our list and you’ll be in! (We send a monthly newsletter so you’re not signing up to have your inbox become heavily laden!!). And you can of course give us the flick after 30 April (though how anyone would pass up our newsletter is beyond me!!)



3. Feel free to share our Facebook page or this competition with your buddies. Possible ways to do this are: Repost this on your Facebook wall or your own Facebook page, tweet the competition to your followers on twitter (you can use the pretty buttons at the bottom of this post to do that) or you can share this post on Stumbleupon, Google Plus, your own blog or anywhere else you can think of!!

Leave a comment at the bottom of this post letting me know how you shared it.  As I have intermittent email access I’d hate to miss your share!!  The person who shares this competition with the most people will win a small handmade bag shoulder from Laos!!  It’s little and cute – even has elephants embroidered on it!!

So here’s the prize details. All of the below is included:

1 x handmade silk table runner from Laos – blue embroidered with gold elephants
2 x handmade scarves from Laos – pink and black – with tassels! (we actually saw where they make these!!)
1 x handmade scarf from Cambodia. This has patterns of some god-like person that I’ve forgotten about by now!! Lol. And no it’s not me!!  This was purchased at a temple in Angkor Wat – I could no longer stand the wail of the woman who couldn’t afford to feed her baby!!
1 x Dragon Lampshade – red handmade paper and bamboo.  This one doesn’t include the light as we couldn’t be sure which country the winner would be from and the plugs may not have been right! Easy to get your own from your local hardware store!!
2 x cute magnets from Vietnam
1 x handmade tote bag from Laos – blue with sequins and embroidered elephants
1 x pack of Laos coffee in a handmade embroidered bag – this is plunger coffee
1 x book with a SPOTTO monk on the front!! This is handmade paper. (we saw them make this too!)

Prize pool is valued around $75.

All of these items will be mailed to a random winner who will be drawn on 30 April, 2012 at midnight – California time since that’s where we’ll be!!

If you’re currently travelling, getting ready to travel or generally clearing junk out of your house you can still enter. The prize is completely transferable and we will mail it to an address/person of your choosing!  Mother’s day is coming up in Australia – some of this might get you off the hook with mum!!

This is a bit of fun only and no responsibility will be taken for lost prizes or entries!!

In the spirit of giving away free stuff I’ve included some links below where you can enter competitions from some other sites…be sure to click on each and enter for your chance to win…right after you make sure you’re in our draw of course!!

Mojito Mother is giving away 2 x Four Cow Farm baby packs.

You can win your own A4 drawing from the awesome K.L.A.W.  Open this one away from the kids!!

And how about this little baby?  Problogger is having a competition where you can win a trip to the Great Barrier Reef!!  If I was home I would be entering this one!!  How great would it be if someone we knew were to win?!?!?

Then there is a chance to win a free book from Zestebiz!  This one features the authors of The Secret!!

But back to us…..

This will be the first of many competitions so stay tuned for more!! How would you like a souvenir from Graceland?  Or something cool from France or Greece??  All a possibility once you hang out with ussssssss!!!



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Life Changing Competition – Enter Now!!! — 5 Comments

    • Hooray Lisa!! The things we do just to be allowed to buy a souvenir occasionally!! Can’t wait until I can give away something from Graceland or from Mount Rushmore!!! Good luck in the draw!!

  1. What a beautiful gift to give to your kids – the gift of experiencing other cultures, quality family time and I bet a whole heap of fun!
    Love your concept and definitely entering your competition.
    Sharing on Facebook and Twitter.
    Happy travels,

    • Lol Kym!! Funny, I thought the same thing when I took the pics!! Just a wierd coincidence! And all because I was making a concerted effort to not buy all pink stuff!!!!

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