Is Lego For Adults Or For Little Kids?

Lego for adults in a huge display!

I always thought Lego was for little kids!  Kids that like to build stuff.  Kids that like to spread the Lego out so mum steps on those little bloody pieces and accidently sucks them up in the vacuum cleaner!

Then I saw a documentary a few months ago showing how Lego for adults actually saved Lego from going broke many years ago.  Adults building all kinds of new stuff pulled the company out of the doldrums and gave them a whole new lease on life.

And after visiting the BrisBricks fan expo last weekend in Brisbane, I can confirm that adults like Lego LOADS more than any kid ever could!!  Read on – I have actual proof of this phenomenon!

I took a bunch of pictures so you can pretend you were there – just close your eyes and imagine a huge crowd of pushing kids and adults.  A hot venue that’s actually a basketball court the rest of the year, vendors selling stuff, adults dressed as Star Wars characters wandering around as well as the odd medieval knight thrown in!  Now step on your own foot a couple of times, dribble down your shirt a bit, knock your bag twice – See?  You are RIGHT THERE with us now!

Here are my highlights of the Bris Bricks Expo

This Lego rollercoaster had a Lego car filled with Lego people that zipped around the track!

Please note: here’s the first bit of proof of my Lego for adults claim.

A gentleman with a remote control was running the rollercoaster – not a kid!

Lego Roller Coaster Model

These warships were awesome!  They were enormous and such detail went into them!  I particularly like lego people and they looked extra cool on these ships!  Allen Lim made all of these warships – please note, Allen is an adult!

Lego for adults!  Warships on display.

How about a Star Wars guy with a Lego head?  There was a small donation to have your picture taken.  This kid is not mine – mine refused to participate as they were keen to get to the other fun stuff!

501st Legion - Star Wars Fanatics!

There was a wench kicking around with the medieval knights.  She even had a wench baby who I did not hear fuss or cry all afternoon, even later when they were outside in the heat!  Where do you get one of those?

Medieval Wench!

And then there’s Andrew.  (He’s pretty cute huh, ladies?)  Andrew made a whole pile of awesome Lego displays and had spent a tonne of time experimenting with the water effects on his displays.  My picture doesn’t actually do it justice – they looked particularly clever in person!

Andrew Lego Lover!

Andrew has his favourites too…….he’s a bit partial to the Viking lego sets!

But here’s the thing.  Andrew is the ultimate proof that Lego is for adults!  He happened to let slip that he does his best Lego at night!  When the kids are in bed and his wife is watching TV – he plays Lego for a couple of hours a night!  Yes, a couple of hours a night!

What a catch!

(I’m making fun but in hindsight I think building Lego at home every night is probably better than being at the pub every night or playing sport every-single-night with the boys!)

After I got over giggling with Andrew (and asking his permission to put his pic in our post) I wandered away to discover that there is LEGO JEWELLERY!!!  Etsy shoppers get ready – you can get Lego cuff-links and Lego tiepins!    Check them out here!

Lego Cufflinks and Lego Tiepins!

Ahem – anyone ever seen a small child wearing cuff-links to daycare or a tiepin to school?  NO YOU HAVE NOT!!!!  See?  More proof that the Lego for adults phenomenon is a real one!

The fabulous jewellery lady’s name is Kimberley Sweeney and you can see her Etsy store here.  All the items looked particularly cool and would make great Christmas presents if you are looking for something different from socks and undies!  She has a full range of Lego earrings, rings and hair stuff too – so you can definitely buy kid stuff from her if you need to.  Her items were the first things I’ve been tempted to buy in a long time!  I was particularly taken with the effort she made to display her items – she even has little ties to clip the tiepins on!

Lego jewellery

There was facepainting, balloon people and various other things to keep the smaller kids busy.  I had 12 year olds with me so they weren’t really into that.  I lasted all of 30 minutes or so before I abandoned the boys and went outside to read my book in the sunshine.  On my way out I stumbled across this cool printed Lego.

Printed Lego for adults

I had no idea you could buy printed Lego – and I quite like the idea of it!  Personalised is always fun!  If you’d be interested in getting your own personalised Lego bricks here’s the link for you to check these guys out.  Once I saw them I noticed that dozens of people had bought all kinds of items from them – many were wearing collectable printed Lego badges!

The boys came outside to get a cold drink and then went back inside and lasted another couple of hours – a sure sign that kids still have a role to play in Lego’s future!

I read my book in the sunshine, chatted to people at the next table and had a very yummy hamburger from the stalls that were set up outside.  At $5 for kid entry and $10 for adults the Bris Bricks expo was a really cheap way to spend the afternoon and I’d definitely recommend it to others.  You can check their website here for news of other events they might be running.

Feel free to ‘fess up to your own love of Lego in the comments below!

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This post is not sponsored in any way and I haven’t been paid to link to any of the exhibitors.  We’ve been exploring a little bit before we move to Malaysia and I just thought they had cool products and that someone might be interested for Christmas.  

Oh, and Andrew made me laugh at the thought of his nightly Lego buildings!!

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