Lake Tahoe – One Of The Most Beautiful Places To Live

We’ve been in Lake Tahoe visiting with FamilyTrek for the last couple of days and honestly I could stay here for weeks!!  (Please click on the familytrek link and read how Monica & Clark survived a 90 foot fall off a cliff!  I love stories and this is one of the best!)

The snow season has not long been finished in Tahoe so there’s still snow on the mountains.  And any snow that used to be on the mountains is now in the Lake – and it’s a tad chilly!!

Monica & Clark have the best of both worlds.  Skiing in the winter and the beach at the Lake in summer!!

They took us for a walk along the beach the first night we were there…….everyone – adults included – took turns at skimming stones!

Sorry about the bum shots guys!

Then Clark dunked their kids….

Our kid cried when he was threatened with dunking….

And then it was back to the car while chasing birds on the sand.

Ahhhh…Lake Tahoe…I think we’re in love!!

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Lake Tahoe – One Of The Most Beautiful Places To Live — 4 Comments

    • Lake Tahoe is well worth a visit Amber. The colour of the lake was just amazing! Monica told me the water is 99% pure which probably explains the taste of it!! There’s just enough civilisation without it being too much! Clark & Monica have had days where they can be in the snow in the morning and at the beach in the afternoon – that just blows my mind!!

  1. WAIT! Monica and Clark are the people who fell off the cliff!?
    I thought that was just an Internet story you told me, not a story from your Internet friends!!

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