It’s Finally Time For Us To Help You Prepare For Travel!

Let us help you prepare for Travel!

Yep, it’s finally happening. I’ve pulled my finger out and our course to help you prepare for travel is nearly ready for human consumption!

Who is our course for?

Anyone who is thinking of heading off on their own Life Changing Year travel adventure!

  • Need a shortcut to all the steps you’ll have to take to get on the road? We can help!
  • Need lists of things you should take care of as you prepare for travel? We’ve got them all made for you!
  • Need to know how to handle yourmail/phones/possessions and packing? Our course is where it is at!
  • Need someone just an email away to answer any questions you have? All included for you!
  • Need someone to virtually hold your hand whenever there are tears? That’s me!

During our year away we had great adventures. Wouldn’t you love to add adventures like these to your store of memories and stories? There was that time I had to write a letter to the worst hotel on the planet! And that other time that our kid wanted to tell outrageous jokes in public! Ok, maybe these aren’t the kinds of stories you want but these are the kind of stories that I want! And you get the idea!

For one low price you’ll get lifetime access to our membership site and the ability to download every travel preparation checklist, cheat sheet and helpful file that you’ll ever need. You’ll learn what order to do everything in, how to keep track of it all and get yourselves on the road with minimum fuss! We even provide you with files for you to upload to the cloud with all your most important information!

With our help you can prepare for travel and be certain you won’t forget anything!

We did this ourselves for 6 months in 2011 in preparation for our year long trip and we are doing it again right now to get ourselves set up for our 2014 indefinite travel launch! We know what it takes to get this done and we know just how to help you!

Leave your email address below to go to our sign up page and you’ll be notified the minute our course is ready! Launch date is 1 September and it’s fast approaching. Everyone on this initial list will get a 50% discount on launch day! You’ll want this discount – there’s so much information packed into this course that you can stop worrying about the details and start planning your actual destinations from day one.

Whether you have 2 years or 6 weeks until your launch date, our travel planning course is for you!

Leave your email address in the link and secure your big fat discount now! Just 60 days until it’s here! I’m so excited to bring this to you!

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