Itinerary Planning Update

We’ve spent the last 24 hours updating our itinerary page for our two upcoming visits to the USA!! Much excitement has ensued – even Kate has thrown off the travel Malais now that she can see the end of Asia!!  We fly into Los Angeles from Vietnam on 14 April!!

Please visit the page and see how we’ve split the two visits up and tried to list the states in order that we will visit.  We’ve put beside each state a rough number of days that we will spend there.  This includes travelling time (though we don’t know how we are getting around cheaply yet!!) so some states will only get a very short visit while others get a heap of love (Can anyone say California and Nevada?!?!?!)

Feel free to leave us some comments below or on the itinerary page if you think anything is missing.  Will we try to go from one state to another which is not possible?  Have we left too little time even to drive through a state, let alone visiting time?

We are pop star kind of tourists – we like the big, popular stuff.  Please tell us if there is something we should not miss in a particular state!!

AND…does anyone want a family of 5 to spend a night with them along the trail?  lol

All help gratefully accepted!!

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