It Took A Week In Boston To Rediscover Our Love Of Board Games!

A lazy week in Boston with The Great Family Escape meant we got to revisit the fun of board games!!

We love games but had got out of the habit of playing them at home.  Then we had our demonstration of garage sale etiquette and sold almost all our games!

Heidi loves games and they have a huge collection of cool games we had never seen!

We played Ratuki, a really cool card game that anyone can master in just a couple of minutes.  It’s a bit like speed that you play with normal cards.  You have to really think about it because the numbered cards are shown as various symbols.  Some are proper numbers, some are hands showing a number of fingers, some are strokes and some are the numbers on a dice.  So you have to rush to win but also think about what numbers you have!  Love, love, love this game!  We are going to buy our own copy of this as soon as we come across it on the road or are in one place long enough to buy it from Amazon and get it delivered!

The kids played UNO MOO Preschool Game– A cool game for smaller kids – definitely recommend this one too!  It has little animals that go inside a barn every time you match the colour or animal.  If you can’t go you have to get more animals out of a cute little barn.  This was a big hit – even if it’s meant for preschoolers!!  lol – everyone loves a UNO game don’t they?

Zoolorettowas another new one.  Everyone has zoo animals that they need to load into trucks.  It uses cards, coins etc to fill up the trucks and move the animals into your zoo.  It seemed really fun (I was writing a post instead of playing – bad Tracey!)  And again was really easy to learn.  No doubt this will be an upcoming christmas or birthday prezzie once we are home!

The last one was The Settlers of Catan.   As I’m writing this Gert is saying “we have to get that one!”  The cool thing about this game is the board changes each time you play it.  So no two games are ever the same.  Justin said everyone would be thinking about this long after they went to bed and he was right!  This one got a run 2 nights in a row – poor Justin and Heidi could not get an early night while we were with them!!

It was so nice to see the kids playing games again.  We all play lots of games on our iPads but it’s not the same as good old fashioned board games!  As long as someone else sets them up, I’m happy to play!

When we visited FAO Schwartz in New York right after Boston we spotted the Settlers of Catan but managed to get out of the store without buying it.  We seriously don’t have any room or weight left to carry a board game!

Actually we just found Settlers of Catan on iPad….hmmmm…think that’s $5 well spent!!

For anyone who still has a home and isn’t living out of a backpack however, if you see any of these games in your local store I highly recommend you grab them and take them home!

If you’d like to purchase them online right this second, I’ve included a link to Amazon for each one above.  Your games could be winging their way to you before the week is out!!  And they’ll even pay us a few dollars for helping you to find them!!


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It Took A Week In Boston To Rediscover Our Love Of Board Games! — 4 Comments

  1. Good Times! I have no regrets staying up that late especially since I got to WIN a few rounds!

    Gert must have been really dying there in this pic!

    You’ll get it soon I’m sure. Addictions are forever!
    Justin recently posted..What If . . .My Profile

    • Must have been nice to have some new victims to play with! The family haven’t stopped talking about it!!

  2. So glad to hear that you rediscovered your love of board games. I’m such a board game geek, and play at least once a week. I love Settlers of Catan. A similar strategy game, but only with cards is Citadels. It’s also a lot of fun. I also love Blokus, it’s a simple strategy game that you can learn in under a minute, but take years to figure out your strategy.
    Laurel recently posted..Margravial Opera House: Germany’s Newest UNESCO World Heritage SiteMy Profile

    • Ooh…I’ll have to add those to my list Laurel. We’ve been so guilty of just playing (and owning) the usual suspects such as Monopoly, Uno, Trivial Pursuit etc. We will definitely be expanding our horizons from here on in! Thanks for the tips!

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