IPad posting – Learning something new!!

Today I’ve decided to learn something new!

We are sitting in the travel agency waiting for our bus to take us on the usual 15 hour odyssey. The laptop battery is dead because I was too lazy to charge it last night (and also worried the 6th bed person in our mixed dorm might trip over it in the morning!)

Not that it really matters. I haven’t been able to post any updates as the Internet in Vietnam doesn’t seem to want me to load any pictures!!

But I still have iPad battery. And I have a WordPress App installed. So I’ve decided to give posting from the iPad a whirl. If you get this as a wierd mixed up story we’ll call it a failure. Anything that looks 1/2 like it usually does will be labelled a raging success and grounds for getting a Vietnamese sim card for the iPads!! So far we’ve resisted this!!

So. What have we been up to? We’ve had a week or so in Hanoi which included a trip to Halong Bay where parts of Avatar were filmed. We were a bit disappointed not to see any glimpses of blue creatures in the trees but the bay was awesome!! We kayaked around some of the islands and did the usual trek up dozens of stairs to go through the caves! The weather held off so we could have the full experience – there was even a little glimmer of sunshine in the afternoon!

The group of people on our boat were really friendly and we spent a great evening chatting to them all and finding out about their adventures. There were travellers from Germany, Denmark, Holland, America, the UK and a few others! I’d give you pics but Vietnam says NO!!

We visited the mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh – it was so interesting to see his embalmed body in its fancy temperature-controlled glass box!! I do love a good open casket!! Funny to think that they send his body off to Russia each year for a service!!

You have to go early in the morning to visit and they are super strict! No photos, no hats, dress respectfully etc. Brittney and I got called out by the guards. Me for wearing sunglasses and Britt for having her hands in her pockets (!)

We’ve been scammed by ladies letting us take our photos in their rice paddy hats and the girls have had their shoes hijacked by a man who fixed them and then demanded ridiculous amounts of money!! They paid him $5 and then ran!!

Jono has been barreled over by a scooter – that gave him a nice fright!! We’ve eaten large quantities of fried rice and hot chips!!

We’ve done some serious planning for our next leg in the USA and we are hoping we get to ride scooters next week when we get to Na Trang!!

All in all a successful week spent in Hanoi.

We have also continued our search for hat pins. These are a scarcity in Asia and so far we haven’t found any in Vietnam! We bought a patch instead!

In light of the souvenir search we find ourselves on we’ve decided to have a competition to win some! Details will be coming in a post in the next week or so but the prize is a cool lamp cover from Laos – it has a dragon on it – who can resist a dragon?!?! A couple of Laos scarves, a bag with elephants embroidered in it, a silk table runner and a crap magnet!!

It will be super easy to enter and you know you want those souvenirs right?? The prize includes postage to wherever the winner lives.

Details to follow no later than April 1. Just gotta get those pics to load up so you can see your goodies!!

So that’s where we are at….don’t forget to like our Facebook page to keep up with our pics on the road!!

Here’s an awesome vehicle you all want to own right?


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IPad posting – Learning something new!! — 8 Comments

  1. IPad posting seems to be a raging success. Looked and read pretty like a “normal” travelling hippie post to me.

    • Unwashed hippie here!! Glad to see its working! It even lets me reply and approve comments!! I feel a lot more posts coming on!!

  2. Sounds like you’ve had a great time in Vietnam and congrats on figuring out how to post from your iPad. I’ve had the app installed for a while now but I haven’t got round to using it – it looks complicated and fiddly, did you find it OK?

    • Hey Monica. I’ve found it really easy. Definitely give it a go!! I had had it installed for 6 months but was also a bit scared to try it. Just log in and it will tell u exactly what to do on yr site to make it work. Then just have a play. I wrote a whole post and could insert photos that were loaded on my iPad. Maybe not exactly how I wanted them but better than not posting. Approving and replying to comments is super easy. 1 click basically! I feel so much better knowing I can write a post anytime now!!!

  3. If you could only take one – the ipad or the computer which one would it be? Am contemplating an ipad, but still not sure, especially hauling both in the bags through asia…

    • It probably depends what you want to do. If you want to blog I suspect you won’t be able to live without a computer. But if I didn’t have this blog I would have only taken my iPad!! You can get by these days without plugging it into a computer to update! That makes a big difference. They are really light and slim and can be turned on in a couple of seconds!! iPad for sure if you have to pick just one!!!

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