Internet Travel Funnies You Don’t Want To Miss!

Internet Travel Funnies!

I’ve been spending all my time reading hilarious and fascinating things on the internet (and the odd business book) this week, instead of writing a new post about travel for all of you!

To try to make it up to you I thought I’d share the two best internet travel funnies I’ve seen online all week.

The first is the Twitter stream of my vote for Time’s Man Of The Year.  Elan Gale found himself locked in a mid-air note battle with a horrible passenger while travelling home for Thanksgiving.  You’ll love how this played out!  I was laughing out loud while I read it.  This has now gone viral so plenty of others though it was hysterical too!

The second is my friend Mr Nate’s account of how he was held captive at the Armenian Border for eighty hours.  And he’s not even unhappy!  It’s long so get a cup of tea and settle in.  I think you’ll be fascinated about how some border crossing work and what happened to Nate on his birthday!

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Internet Travel Funnies You Don’t Want To Miss! — 4 Comments

    • Hey Rhonda – I just read that Elan made it all up! What a twisted fella he must be! I have to admit that makes it even funnier to me! Thanks for dropping by.

    • I’m definitely putting birthday border crossings on my bucket list! Sounds like Mr Nate had an awesome adventure huh?

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