If You Could Change Your Life Next Year What Would You Do?


That’s the question I asked on Facebook last week and I have to tell you some of the answers sat me back on my arse with a thump!!

I know the changes that our family has experienced these past couple of years. I know how different we feel and how our lives will never be the same again.

For us it took losing over 50kg, selling most of our stuff, quitting our jobs and setting off across the world. Those are big, big life changes.

Since I’m currently writing a programme to help others have a life changing year these are things I’ve had to think about. I admit that I assumed things that change your life must be big, huge, radical changes.

I was wrong!

And guilty of assuming.

The answers on facebook were really varied:

Sell the house and travel
Get some more cats!
Visit Gert (well derrrr!!)
Have a baby!
Find one truly great friend

That last one has stuck with me for the past couple of days. I’ve turned it over and over in my brain. And felt a bit awful for thinking only of the fun stuff such as travel.

Imagine if knowing you had one truly great friend was enough to change your life?

I think we take our friends for granted but imagine for a minute if we didn’t have them! Imagine if there was no one to confide in, bitch to, laugh and cry with, grab a bite to eat with, have a beer with?

Someone to tell you your bum looks big in those jeans or that you were being a dick?

So, I’ll be continuing to take on board all of the ideas people have to have their own Life Changing Year. I’ll be using them to create a great programme that will help others put their dreams into action. And I’m so pleased I get to have feedback from all of you in the process!!

Now its your turn blog readers!!

I’d like everyone to leave a note in the comments below (yes – even you shy ones who’ve never commented before!) Let me know:

If You Could Change Your Life Next Year What Would You Do?

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If You Could Change Your Life Next Year What Would You Do? — 18 Comments

    • I know just what you mean Jill. The people you meet really are the best part of travelling aren’t they? And also the only thing we miss from home – besides Vegemite! Lasting relationships need to be maintained to have a chance.

  1. Great Post Tracey!

    What would I change???

    I’m assuming you mean without the help of a Genie and all that.


    I really want to spend next year educating my kids. We’ll be starting out traveling as you know, I want to make sure I use that time and experience to really help my kids get some great skills.

    This is a tough question!
    Justin recently posted..The Right Time To Go BigMy Profile

    • Tough questions are my “thang” these days!!! Can’t wait for you guys to start – the kids looked so excited to have their passports!! If you had a genie would you make different choices?

  2. I am actually making a huge change this year… I am moving to Costa Rica with my kids. I wish I could go sooner, but I need to save up some money. I am also attempting to learn Spanish with my kids!

    • Moving countries is a huge step – congrats!! And Spanish is a language that is used in so many places – you can’t go wrong!!

  3. And also, as of today, I am getting rid of facebook… I have to go through and make sure I subscribe to all of my favorite blogs first though ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Wow!!! This is maybe a bigger step than moving countries!! I’m not prepared to give up an easy way to stay in touch with everyone. But I can just imagine how much time you will have once you’re not facebooking! Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed as we dont send our blog posts by email!! We don’t want to lose you!!

  4. I love the friend comment, but if I had my most heart-felt wish it would be to
    regain good health. I can and do live my life. I have to, but not enjoying it to the fullest is part of it. You never know what you’ve lost until its gone. sigh.

    • You’re right Barbara. Good health is something we all take for granted. It seems so much effort at the time but totally worth it in hindsight. Keep living your life – not giving up is half the battle. How’s your husband doing now?

  5. Before you write me off as another middle-aged cliche when you read: “sell the house, the things, and embark on a location independent life” you must know as I type those words I feel a rush of joy and shear terror because our work lives are so miserably stressful this goal is the only thing that is keeping us sane and out of the hospital with stress related illness.
    Laura recently posted..Snapshot Friday: VeniceMy Profile

  6. Start a lifestyle business … want to answer to myself and have a variable income flow rather than be under the thumb of some random person that can cut my income flow 100% on a whim!

  7. What would I do? Stop being the person people expect me to be and be true to myself. Give myself permission to say no, to not feel obligated. That’s a horrible word – obligated – isn’t it? It’s an even more horrible state to be in. Thanks for the question.

    • Wow that sounds like Tracey of 12 months ago talking. When are you going travelling again? I’ve learned to say no this year (mainly from being hassled by street people – you’d be amazed how you learn to say no and don’t feel bad). I’m now just me. No more apologising, no more going places I don’t want to go or being around people I don’t like. Not in a mean way – just a very definite understanding of who I am. It’s such a relief. You can do it…for me it helped to be removed from all the expectations (obligations) for 12 months.

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