If Only I Had Travelled When I Was Single I’d Have Had A Blog Like These!

travelled when I was single - slept all day in a cafe!

I recently let you in on my favourite long term family travel blogs that I regularly follow.  Here’s the link to those travelling immortals if you missed it.

When I wrote that post I promised you a list of the single travellers I keep tabs on and here it is!

Imagine you can escape on a long term travel adventure and you only have yourself to worry about.  Imagine going wherever you want, not having to ask permission, make allowances for anyone else and doing what you like.  Imagine falling asleep in cafes while the weirdo Pedersens take your photo and use it in their blog posts!!

That’s the freedom that single travellers have!  No little people to worry about.  Just their own wims to follow.  I’m a tiny bit jealous!

So let’s see who my favourite stalking victims are….

Unbrave Girl – Here’s a girl after my own heart.  She loves food and her couch (how could you not love her?)  Sally has been teaching English in China and regaling us all with stories of being stared at and people wearing their pyjamas.  Oh, and of chinese men falling madly in love with her – all of which she had to give up when she recently returned to the states.  Culture shock posts are sure to follow due to the sheer volume of cheese in American supermarkets!  (Check the link you’ll know what I mean – who knew grocery shopping is a blood sport in China?)

The Expert Vagabond – How could you not love a blogger named Matthew?  Everyone knows the Matthews in the world get into the most trouble and do the most outrageous things (my own Matthew at home is proof of this – though he has made it to 19!)  If you click no other link on this whole page please, please, please read this one!  Matthew had his computer stolen by prostitutes in Panama and the link is the story of the recovery.  It’s a truly priceless story.  Complete with nose-pickers and porn – the stuff all the best stories are full of!!  You can also buy prints of Matthew’s travel photos – there are some great ones to choose from and the prices are super REASONABLE!  If I had a house I would SO buy one!

Backpacker Banter – This blog is an unusual one for me to follow.  I don’t usually follow the (much) younger than me kids who like to party.  But this one is a little bit different.  This one has the gory party stories but with a teensy touch of sensible thrown in.  Not a boring amount but enough to keep me interested in following!   In fact I had trouble choosing which post to link to from Backpacker Banter – so I picked the 10 Worst Travel Stories post!  This one has links to all my favourites.  Like how Chris got stung by a stingray – not once but twice in a week!  Or how he awoke to a hostel manager going bat-shit crazy!!  Or that time he was in a nude movie in Australia to make more money to travel!  Umm..yep…you can see the crazy attraction for me huh?

And that’s it for the single kids!  Not a very long list – I have to admit I don’t follow a lot of the single travellers.  We are kind of inhabiting different travel worlds.  Although there are some great travel information posts on some of their sites, we all know I mostly follow blogs that make me laugh!

Are there any other single bloggers I should be following?  Leave me a note in the comments below and I’ll check them out!

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If Only I Had Travelled When I Was Single I’d Have Had A Blog Like These! — 9 Comments

    • Hey Matthew – were you googling yourself again to find this? It’s fun to look back at this post – especially since I religiously read all these blogs still – a sure sign of awesomeness! Planning any more awesome adventures soon? You seem to be able to squeeze the maximum quirkiness out of every adventure!

    • Thanks for dropping by Chris – I’m fascinated that you and Matthew have just appeared here when this post has been up for a VERY long time! More surfing, less googling yourself eh? I do love your stories – the more gory the better. My RSS keeps me up to date on where you’re hanging out. If you come to Penang be sure to look us up for a free bed for a couple of nights!

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