I Thought I Invented Long Term Family Travel – Epic Fail!!

Danish summer weather with Jono!

Ahhhh…long term family travel.

Turns out I did not invent the concept!

When I had that blinding flash of insight last year that we should take the kids out of school, quit our jobs and travel for a year, I thought I had just had the most amazing and unique idea EVER!!  I imagined what a trend-setter I was and how everyone would be shocked at what we were planning as it had never been done in the history of mankind.


No one has ever been so far from inventing something it turns out!!

Once we got into the nitty gritty of planning we discovered what seemed like ZILLIONS of family travellers out there in the wide world.

Truly bucket loads of travellers are out there with their kids completing their bucket lists!!

And it’s awesome!

While we aren’t trendsetters it’s actually better this way.

We haven’t had to invent anything from scratch – we just google the info when we need it.  Or check with our family travel friends on facebook or on their websites.

  • Don’t know which currency to use in Laos?  There’s a family travel site for that!!
  • Don’t know the best place to book cheap tickets?  There’s a family travel site for that!!
  • Not sure if you’ve booked to stay in the red light district in Singapore?  There’s a family travel site for that!!
  • Been robbed and need someone to give advice?  There’s a family facebook group for that!

While I may have exaggerated a little, there is certainly a large community of long term family travellers out there.  Many have been travelling for years and years and make our one year expedition pale into insignificance!!

So that you don’t miss out on their brilliance I’ve decided to include links below to some of my favourite travellers and their websites.  These are the ones that I read every time they have a new post.  I’m interested in their latest expedition on a slow boat right down to how they handle the tooth fairy visiting while they are on the road!!

If you are thinking of setting off on your own adventure, you would be wise to check out their sites and realise just how easy it is to get started!!  Once you start to visit these sites you’ll find links to other travellers not included below.  Before you know it 3 hours will have passed and you may have accidently booked your own flights to Cambodia!!

The list of my favourites is in no particular order.  I haven’t actually linked to their home pages – I’ve linked to something cool I liked on their site.  So follow the link – you know I like the funny stuff!!  You can find your own way to the home page and you can follow all of them via RSS like I do if you feel so inclined!

Here’s the list:

The Great Family Escape – You may already know of these guys – we’ve linked to their site a few times and even interviewed Justin about long term family travel.  We stayed with them in Boston!  They are getting so close to leaving on their travel adventure that they can probably taste it!  They are awesome!

Family Trek – Our once online only friends, now camping buddies from Yosemite and they still let us watch their kids in Tahoe when they went hiking!  We’ve linked to them bit too – you probably read about their fall from a cliff when they just met!  About to embark on a cool 6 weeks in Central America with their 2 small kids!

Family On Bikes – Lovely people who let us sleep on their floor at very short notice (that will teach Nancy to be on facebook at midnight!)  They biked for 3 years with their twin boys on one particular trip.  I am in awe of this – you all know how our cycling went in Vietnam.  And that was just a 10 minute ride!  These guys love to cycle – the boys ride their bikes to school and John rode his bike to the shop while we were there.  They are the real deal!!  And yes, their link goes to a bike story – they were chased by a bear!

A King’s Life – This family were living in Belize and have now moved to Bali for the next step in their travel lifestyle.  I love their amazing photographs on their website.  Read about their Bali lifestyle and tell me you are not JEALOUS!!  I want a chef too!!

Edventure Project – If you need a family to model your travels on, this is the one!  Jennifer, Tony and the kids are quite amazing.  After setting out on the travels they had saved and saved for, they lost all their money in  the GFC one night while they were sleeping!!  AND they bounced back.  AND they decided to travel for much longer than originally anticipated!  They carry musical instruments when they travel and so much more.  I’m just so impressed!  (And so thankful Kate left her clarinet at home!)

The Dropout Diaries – Barbara makes me laugh and laugh.  Often in the facebook group we are in – but regularly on her blog too!  If you are signed up for my newsletter (you are aren’t you?) you will have read her Vomit Express post that I sent out back in March.  If you didn’t and you’ve ever had small children – go read it now.  Truly priceless!  Barb left her corporate life in Australia, found love overseas and had a baby!!  If you love food you’ll love many of Barb’s stories and photos too.

Yomadic – Nate takes amazing photos.  He introduced us to the best tuk tuk driver in Cambodia and the world.  Our family now refers to him as Mr Nate as a consequence of that driver!!  And he has just set off on his latest indefinite adventure with his wife Phillipa.  Nate if from Perth.  Are there any aussies even left at home?

So there you have it!  Check out these cool sites – your travel life could depend on it!!

And stay tuned for an upcoming post of the single travel bloggers I am currently in love with!  Yes, those pretty young things still footloose and fancy free and travelling on all their own!

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I Thought I Invented Long Term Family Travel – Epic Fail!! — 8 Comments

    • Aww…that’s nice Mr Nate! Sometimes you just know “your people” when you stumble across them!! So exciting you are on the road! We’ll be back in SE Asia soon, possibly via Egypt!!

  1. Great list Tracey! I even found one on there I wasn’t following – will go remedy that right now! I agree that being connected with other family travelers is empowering – knowing that all those other families are doing such cool stuff makes you know you can do it too! Thanks bunches for linking to us.
    Nancy Sathre-Vogel recently posted..Roadschool: travel + homeschoolMy Profile

    • Hey Nancy – thanks for visiting!! It’s definitely easier when you can tap into someone else’s experience. I can’t imagine how people backpacked all those year ago with just phone contact and an out of date guide book!! Not sure how I would have managed!

    • Hey Barb – we may well explore vietnam again this year. We are headed back to SE Asia at the end of October. Not sure yet if we will visit Vietnam again – we had 3 week there earlier this year (I think when you were in Europe). But we have a sneaky plan to return down the track and ride motorbikes – either way we will definitely be catching up! Thought there’ll be no wasabi oyster challenges for this family!!

  2. I can not figure out how the Miller’s carry musical instruments! I told Maggie and Sam they can learn to play the harmonica and that’s about it.

    I thought the same thing as you. I thought we were genius. We had the greatest idea in the world. And then I found out thousands others had the same idea to travel and they were doing it way better than we ever could.

    Thanks for the mention Tracey! And yes, we can taste it!
    Justin recently posted..A Winning IdeaMy Profile

    • Apparently all the kids take an instrument as carry on. They must be the most amazing siblings EVER!! Mine would eventually get tired of carrying someone else’s stuff! I’m definitely all for the harmonica – super nice beside a camp fire!

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