I Thought Home Was Where We Were Sleeping. Wrong!

I thought home meant where we were together!

I considered writing a 2014 round up for about 42 seconds but honestly, I don’t do well with gazing back, so I’m just skipping it.  I gave you this selfie (which is technically looking back) instead.  I’m a big girl so I get to choose right?  I feel so excited about the new year that it’s a bit hard for me to be bothered doing the round up!

(If you’re desperate you could just search our blog with 2014 of course!)

What I really wanted to tell you about was how mistaken I appear to have been about the concept of home.  Long before we set off to travel I wrote about how home would be different for us in 2012.  And it definitely was.  While we travelled, if we said ‘it’s time to go home’ everyone knew we were talking about where we were sleeping that night.

There was never a moment where I thought home meant anything different than that.  Not even a hesitation to get it clear in my head.  We were all together so we were already home.

These past few months we’ve all been separated.  Kate has been in Brisbane all year finishing up her studies.  Brittney has moved to Melbourne and Gert, Jono and I have been in Penang, Malaysia.  Again though, during the year I knew when we said ‘home’ we meant our home in Batu Ferringhi.  No confusion.

Here’s a Kate graduation pic with the dude with the army moustache in case you missed it on facebook…

I thought home meant no hairy faces!

Fast forward to Christmas of 2014 and we’ve just had the first Christmas EVER where we weren’t all together.  Gert and Jono spent Christmas in Denmark.  Kate was in Brisbane.  I was in Melbourne with Brittney (and had a little hospital visit with pancreatitis too).  Our family was spread out all over the place and suddenly ‘home’ was confusing.

When I was out in the city and thought ‘Time to go home now’ I had to think for a second about what that meant!  Was I thinking of Malaysia?  Or Brisbane?  Or my bed at Brittney’s house?

When I talk to Jono online or Gert on Skype there is huge confusion about what the hell we are talking about when we say home.

Turns out when we are all separated ‘home’ is not really where we are sleeping.  I’m not home in Melbourne – I just got here a few weeks ago and I’m staying with Brittney until Gert and Jono arrive and we find our own place.  Gert and Jono aren’t home – Gert hasn’t lived in Denmark for 17 years now.  Maybe Kate feels like she’s at home since she’s still in Brisbane – I’ve yet to discuss it with her.

All I know is that I’m bloody confused!  This has been compounded by Tim (Britt’s boyfy) saying he’s going home when he lives here with us.  He means his mum and dad’s where he grew up of course but it just adds to the confusion for me.

I know if Gert and Jono were here I’d be right back to considering wherever we were sleeping as home.

So there you go.  You can never be too sure of a concept until you press the limits and try out something new.  Who knew after years of travel that the concept of ‘home’ could unravel just because we were all apart for Christmas?

I can’t wait for the boys to get to Melbourne at the end of January.  I’m really tired of putting off exploring places because I want them to experience it with me.

Just 30 days or so to go…..

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I Thought Home Was Where We Were Sleeping. Wrong! — 6 Comments

    • Lol Serena. I’m certain you’d stick with Johnny even if he ventured somewhere without internet and the sun’s rays! Nice try though!

  1. I enjoyed this post very much. You sound a little lost and a lot confused, fragile even. It’s a lovely post that celebrates inadvertently the love you have for your scattered family members, especially the hubby. I also get what you say about the concept of home being amorphous – my whole life has been one rental property after another. When people ask me where I live, I now say “What year?”. Just wait til your key ring is empty – that’s another sign that the concept of home is very fluid. Thanks for this post and your vulnerability.

    • Hey Nancy – thanks for visiting! Maybe my blog is home as it’s the only thing that’s been really constant since 2011?

      I have enjoyed having no keyring for a few years now. It’s going to be so weird to have to keep track of those jangling things again. I definitely feel like I’m treading water waiting for the boys to come back so we can get started on living again. As a renter my whole life I know what you mean about moving around. It’s never really bothered me (and let’s not kid ourselves – I’m certainly not ready to settle down in one place forever!) One huge benefit is you always get to cull your junk regularly.

      Stay tuned for our adventures in a new house. We own zero of anything so we’ve made a pact we can only buy things for the house second hand – so garage sales and op shops are to become our new weekend morning adventures. I’m really looking forward to that!

  2. I think home is anywhere as long as you’re with the people you love. For me, home is where my partner and I are together. I think home can be different for anyone. Home is where you can be happy and that’s definitely something that differs from one person to another. Lovely post, by the way.

    • Thanks Elvis! I discovered that you’re totally right. Home is definitely where the family is as long as we are all together. We’re back together now after several months apart and I finally can say I’m going ‘home’ and not get confused about what that means! Thanks for stopping by!

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