I Never Thought We’d Be Home For Christmas!

Life Changing Year are home for Christmas!


The newest 4 letter word in the Pedersen household!

When we originally set off for our Life Changing Year adventure we planned to return home in January of 2013.

But due to a few budget issues, we find ourselves home in December.


So what does

home mean this year now that we are home for Christmas?

I can’t speak for the rest of the family so I’ll just speak for me:

  • It’s weird.
  • I feel strange.
  • I see everything with fresh eyes.
  • I’m constantly close to tears for no good reason (sometimes a few leak out!)
  • I have no christmas spirit.
  • I’m thrilled to see the people I haven’t seen for almost a year but I feel nothing for the activities. Nothing about my previous workplace. Nothing about the local fruit shop. And absolutely NOTHING for the christmas frenzy going on in the crazy stores!!

I have no idea why I’m feeling all of the above. I’m not sad to be home, not at all.

I just feel weird.



I’m planning to make the most of this weirdness! I’m stopping to smell the roses. I’m looking at small kids playing in the water at the beach. I’m watching the sun set and examining the bark on trees at the park. I’m comparing train travel here to that in Berlin.

And I’m realising what amazing differences there are in us after our (almost) year away…

  • The kids are so close. I am absolutely amazed by them.
  • We all miss each other. We are mostly living apart and Gert is back at work in the truck. We never missed each other before but now we do! It’s nice.
  • Jono has become a mad-keen chef. I’m enjoying his cakes and the odd dinner.
  • Almost all of us are much more conscious of the cash we spend. Bonus!
  • I’m not remotely freaked out by trails of ants tracking across the floor. THAT CAN NEVER BE A BAD THING!
  • There’s a growing list of all the cool places we want to visit! Not all are overseas – we’ve discovered an urge to explore our own backyard too!
  • I’ve discovered feelings. OHMIGOD – yes I have!!

If you have the chance to take an extended break from your life, grab it with both hands. If you can take a sabatical to travel and see the world and get away from all your obligations you should run, run, run towards it as fast as you can!

You might feel weird when you return but what better way to discover all the amazing things you never noticed about your own home?

And if you find yourself home for Christmas, imagine all that great food you get to consume!

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P.S. If you love the picture of our christmas decs at the top of this post click this link to get your own cool photo!!

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I Never Thought We’d Be Home For Christmas! — 31 Comments

  1. We were planning to be home in January as well, but find ourselves back in California for the holidays. It is a strange feeling, but I am happy to be here. Love and blessings to the Pederson’s!
    The Gypseekers

  2. Babe I have to say I am glad you are all home in one piece. Not to say I don’t want you travelling again, but there were moments there I was starting to worry a little! This is pretty much how I always feel about xmas, I fake it every year for the kids. I could see that closeness and bonding and lovey dovey stuff developing as you all travelled and it was genuinely lovely to witness. So, when are you off again?! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Alison recently posted..my hate/hate relationship with the infernal combustion engineMy Profile

  3. Hey Tracey – and all the rest of the BIG family ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nice to read your thoughts – and I think I can follow them quiet a bit thinking about what you must have experience on a hold year of input from different people and countries as you all have.

    Well, we also miss you – all though you just where here for about a week in our home ๐Ÿ™‚ – to meet you all was very nice – and Iยดm glad to know, that Gert has done so well in Australia making a new family. As and old soldier friend – we have spend many hours and different experience together, and therefore also build up an relationship – that even though we don’t see each other in a long time – then when we meet – its just as if we left each other yesterday….and I already feel the same with you and the kids.

    So beware! a day in the near future – we are going to Australia and make your country uncertain ๐Ÿ™‚

    At this moment, we are in Florida with my mother in law. And we are going “not” to celebrate the X-mas here, once again just as last year. We will arrive to Denmark the 29th of december.

    Say HI to all – we miss you – merry X-mas and a happy new year to you all from your friends in Denmark ๐Ÿ™‚

    Berit & Hans

    • Oh you are on your cruise! How exciting!! I hope you’re being very spoiled!! Thanks so much for your lovely comments. Gert was here when this came through so we read it together and remembered the fun we had with you guys for that week! It was awesome and you’re right – it was like we had all known each other for years, not just you and Gert!

      Gert is back to his camping trip in the truck – it’s not the same for him now though.

      We would be so excited to see you here in Australia! You book the tickets and we’ll keep your room free!!

      Hope your cruise was awesome!!

      Tracey & Gert

    • Hey Micki – Mexico at Christmas sounds devine! We went to the shops here today and managed to not freak out too badly. I think we’ll manage but gee it’s hard work after being footloose and fancy free! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. This post of yours makes me want to ‘run,run,run” right away! Our plans are not concrete or tangible yet. Reading your stories and other the other family travel blogs, IS SO ENCOURAGING!
    Enjoy the things you can do in your own country once again ( and we will trade places with you for a while if you’d like!)
    Susan recently posted..Home.. Where Ever We Are, There We AreMy Profile

    • Oh Susan. Run, run, run!!! We had the best time while we were away. And we are planning to have a great time now that we are home. I’ll be excited to follow your travels! I’m living vicariously through others for a while now!

  5. Welcome home Guys! Merry Christmas. Hope that you get to spend the holidays with your loved ones and have lots of laughter! Where are you off to next???

    • Thanks Tammy – I sure am looking forward to catching up with all my friends!! No exact plans for our next stop – we’ll take some time to settle and save but the list is really long. The Amazon, Mexico, Borneo, Myanmar, Alaska…..so many choices! Any suggestions?

  6. Great post!! I can totally relate to your feeling weird:) Our current situation is yours in reverse. We have moved back to our home town after 8 years in preparation to slow travel for an undetermined amount of time. Talk about seeing things with fresh eyes! This is also the first year my Christmas spirit is a little lacking. I have no patience for the hustle and bustle at the mall. I see so much beauty where I didn’t before, I am so much more interested in people than things/stuff. I can’t wait to read more about your time at home with new eyes and your next travel adventure! Merry Christmas to you and your awesome family:)
    Tracey recently posted..Traveling HomeMy Profile

    • Hey Tracey-of-the-awesome-name! Sounds like just what I’m feeling – and the news is the lack of interest in stuff only becomes more pronounced as you spend less time around it and with it! People are really all that matters. I’m already planning what I’ll be getting rid of once we unpack our stuff from storage. That has the family a little worried as we really didn’t keep much besides our furniture and the basics. Our adventures at home are definitely coming as of 2013 – as well as plans for our next escape mission! Hope you had a great christmas!

  7. Welcome home Tracey!
    I know this transition is tough. Have you done any research on reverse culture shock? I feel it very strongly any time I am “home” for more than about a month.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours. If you feel the need to plan your next trip, bear in mind that we have room for you guys (for a limited time) here in Ho Chi Minh City.
    Merry Christmas Pedersens!
    Barbara recently posted..Merry Christmas From Ho Chi Minh City (And Sorry About Those Emails)My Profile

    • Hey Barb – that’s the one thing we wanted immigration to say to us “Welcome Home!” Didn’t happen! lol. I googled reverse culture shock just last week and I’m sure that’s what I’m experiencing. And it kind of makes me feel better to have a “label” for what I’m feeling. I’m making a list of all the places and people we need to visit next time and you are top of the list! Once we are settled I’m sure I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for some awesome Air Asia sale which just might land us on your doorstep! Hope you guys had a great christmas. No way could you have left the wrapping of prezzies until the morning – too risky no matter what Darling Man thought!

  8. oh sweet child. someone mentioned to another family who resettled down ‘do you feel like a bird with her wings clipped?’. i’m so sorry and know, as you do, that it will only lead to more growth and learning and development and joy. you already changed your relationships with money, each other, and emotions. unreal. we miss you already, and i’m walking around crying all the time just for that how i breathe sometimes. i wonder if when i one day resettle down, maybe i’ll do the opposite. yeah, i know, not a chance…. love you guys so much, so much, so much… gabi kobi dahya orazi and solai (i won’t tell you where we are cuz you’ll just hate me so assume it’s a dump, ok?)
    gabi klaf recently posted..Holland- Is It Good For Your Family?My Profile

    • Sadly even thinking it’s a dump makes me jealous! Definitely had my wings clipped – planning our next escape as we speak though! January 2015 here we come!

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