I Got Felt Up In Disneyland!

Yesterday I told you what a magical place Disneyland is!!

I filled you in on all the juicy details of our time there. But I left out one thing. The most shocking thing for a family place like Disneyland!

Let me set the scene…

We line up to go on the Space Mountain ride. It’s super fast to get on because we’ve somehow lucked into the quietest visitor day of the century!!!

We settle ourselves in our seats. Kate and Britt in front. Jono and Gert behind them and me on my own at the back.

I give myself the usual pep talk on the inside.

“Just 15 seconds and it’ll be over”
“You won’t die – Disneyland wants you to live!”
“This is the first world – if Vietnam didn’t kill you, there’s no way Disneyland will”
“Remember to breath”
“Nobody wants to be the mum waiting outside holding the jumpers, so suck it up princess!”

And throw in loudly from the kids…..

“Don’t scream too loud mum – you embarrass us!!”

Then we’re off!

Into the darkness, with all the stars around us, we zoom. Of course I scream my head off! Pretty much at every single turn!!

And of course, this is Disneyland and the ride is NOT over in 16 seconds!! It goes on and on and on! And it’s pitch black – you can’t see anything in there!!

As we are whizzing around a tight corner, something suddenly touches my boob!

I thought I imagined it but then I feel a quick squeeze again!!!


How is that possible?

But then I remember Gert is super brave on all rides and never holds on – unlike me who was unable to remove the offending hand because that would have involved letting go of the safety bar!!

Yes people – my own husband reached back mid roller coaster ride to squeeze my boob in the dark!!

And that’s how I got felt up at Disneyland!!

Can ya believe it?

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I Got Felt Up In Disneyland! — 4 Comments

    • Bahaha – really? I’m just so jealous that they can do this mid-ride while my brain can only manage “hang on, close your eyes!”

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