How Travel Showed Me I DO Have Limits!!

I’m fairly easy going and I don’t get upset over “stuff” too often.

I’m WAY too irreverent and have far too much interest in things most people find taboo.

For instance, Lisa over at recently posted this. Photographing Cemetaries – Where do you draw the line? I cheerfully tweeted that I had no line!

I have no problem photographing cemetaries, lying on tombstones, making funny faces etc. I would photograph a funeral taking place. Hell, I’d take photographs of an open casket if I thought I could get away with it (no success yet – my friends

have always kept me in check!)

I often take my kids to movies they perhaps shouldn’t see. Recent examples – The Hangover 2 and just today Magic Mike (I had no idea THAT was going to be in our faces!!) Poor Jono is now scarred for life!


I thought I had no limits. I was pretty sure anything was allowed.

Until we hit Las Vegas. When I joyfully discovered that I HAVE A LINE!! I DO, I REALLY DO!!

Imagine the scene…..

There’s kids all over Vegas. A surprising number actually. Sometimes there’s so many prams on a walkway you can’t get into the elevator! Kids sleeping in prams, nicely shaded from the blistering sun. No problem in my book.

Then there’s the toddlers that are still up at midnight. Screaming in the casino…..obviously exhausted and well overdue for sleep time. I roll my eyes and make a comment to Gert about the time, but how do I know that little Tina isn’t just having a tantrum at that very second and is really fine being up at that hour? No hassle – not my kid after all.

But then we hit shaky ground. We see Mum and Dad walking down the strip holding the hands of 3 or 4 year olds. And in the other hand they are holding giant gallons of beer/margarita/frozen vodka slurpies!


There’s the line…right there!

What happens when said gallons of alcohol are consumed in the hot sun? When you need to cross the craziness of Las Vegas Boulevard with little Cody and Corinne but you’re kinda wobbly on your stillettos?

Don’t think I didn’t notice that while you’re chugging down that cool Corona, neither child has a cold drink in the 40 degree hell that is Sin City at 3pm!

My head will literally try to spin off my shoulders when you meet up with your friend coming towards you. In her pram DRINK HOLDER we discover more icy alcoholic treats! While she keeps pushing poor Fifi’s mouth away from the straw every three seconds!

For some odd reason alcoholic drinks in every cup holder of a pram are just too much for me. Aha. We’ve reached my limit!!

Then we have some lovely religious preaching on the street corner at the Bellagio fountains.

As soon as the fountain show was finished, the preaching started..

Now I have no problem with people trying to spread a religious message (though I sure was glad she waited until the fountain show was finished!) I actually really appreciate that people have the freedom to say whatever they like in America.

We start to get a bit shaky when you use that loudspeaker, however. There’s hundreds of people milling around so I GUESS you need it if you want your message to be heard. It kinda adds to the atmosphere so I’ll choose not to get aggravated even though my ears are now ringing!

Go ahead, tell me how I’m going to perish if I don’t find the Lord. I don’t believe too much, but maybe there’s someone in the crowd just looking for something to give them hope. All power to you – it doesn’t bother me so much.

But wait – is that your SMALL CHILD asleep on the sidewalk? Curled up cosy next to those 2 showgirls, taking photos for tips? Are you out preaching at 10pm, on the Las Vegas Strip, while your KID SLEEPS IN THE MIDST OF HUNDREDS OF STRANGERS??


There’s that line again!

My hair will literally almost ignite when I discover this new wierdness! I don’t care how many people you could save – get your bloody kid home and tucked up in bed!!

And lastly we have the buxom beauties who let it all hang out on the strip.

I understand ladies. I once had stuff worth letting hang out! All my good bits used to be firm and worth showing off too. I get it, I really do and I’ll tolerate a lot.

Towering shoes that you can’t walk in. Three hours from now when you’ve been to three casinos you’re going to be wishing you wore your grandmas slippers!

Itty bitty dresses that show ample cleavage right about the level of Jono’s eyeballs! I’ll accept that. I brought my kid to Vegas after all. I’ll deal with the consequences.

But do you really have to wear those shorts Lucretia? Do I honestly have to see your booty crack?

There’s a line woman and we are at it! It’s not a dotted line. It’s a flaming burst of fiery red line, ignited by my bleeding eyes and the giggles of my children!!

Tight yellow shorts are not attractive on those big legs honey. Pull them up so we can at least see your butt cheeks and not your butt crack! I’m sure you’re not a plumber with those nails you’re sporting! Leave the butt crack to the plumbers of the world!

Please…….I need to go back to my comfortable world where I have no limits!

If you enjoyed this post, can I suggest a visit to Vegas in the summertime? If nothing else, it will put you off your food and you’ll lose some weight!!

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How Travel Showed Me I DO Have Limits!! — 6 Comments

  1. OH MY GOSH! That so crosses my line in every which way – what about getting baby sitting organised for those poor kids so that the said Mums can go out on the streets of LA (even if its 3pm) and have happy drinks! And those bum cracks – so wrong!
    Yep i so used to have a body that i once was proud to share (too many kids since those days) but never ever was I keen to so my bum crack!
    How do you not say something?
    I so would have trouble keeping my mouth shut!
    Lisa Wood recently posted..Baby Trek Atlas Cool Stuff Has Arrived Down Under!My Profile

    • I KNOW Lisa!!! Babysitter, bring a relative, one stays with the kids etc….so hard to fathom! Gee, I feel old!! As for not saying anything, I’m muttering all the way down the street…take your kid home…pull your pants up!!!!!!!!!!

    • Is it cheating if I can easily judge because I don’t actually drink myself? lol. Magic Mike was very in your face. Channing was kinda worth it though. But eeeek – Poor Jono had to hide his eyes a few times. Ear plugs may have been useful too!

  2. The funny thing about traveling is we figure out our limitations in the most unexpected situations at times. We might think that we are easy-going or something like that, until something like what you describe happens. Interesting post, glad you have been able to accomplish so much traveling!
    Andy recently posted..The Duty of a TravelerMy Profile

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