How To Cut Your Transport Costs In Australia

transport costs in Australia

Since being home we’ve really noticed how expensive everything in Australia is. Of course we are comparing these costs to those in countries with a lower standard of living, lower basic wages and far less development than we have in Australia.

Many of our travelling friends have also commented on how expensive Australia is and the damage it will do to their travelling budgets!

To combat this and help a few people out I thought I would start a series of posts of cheap stuff to do in Australia. Cheap eats, places to see wildlife, transport and other fun stuff. Just to show that everything in Australia doesn’t have to be expensive!!

First cab off the rank is transport costs in Australia.  We are pretty high up the list when it comes to transport prices. Public transport is not the cheapest thing you’ll find in this country that’s for sure!

Here’s a couple of ways to reduce your transport costs in Australia next time you visit:

  • Hire a car.  While the cost of hiring a car is not super cheap here, if you are a family travelling it will most likely be cheaper for you to have a car to get around.  In Brisbane a basic train fare across town with a paper ticket is AU$7.50 per adult.  If there’s a couple of you, just one trip will almost equal the price of hiring a car for the day and the cost of fuel.  And you’ll get to your destination a heap quicker with a car.  Keep an eye out for free parking too – or your cheap day out could unravel!
  • Check online for free services.  Sydney has cheap transport on Sundays.  Just $2.50 per person will let you ride all the ferries, buses and trains for the day – now THAT’s a bargain!  Brisbane has a red and white cityhopper ferry service that is free every day for trips up and down the river.  There are also free City Centre loop buses in Brisbane to get you around the City and Spring Hill.  Melbourne has a free Melbourne Visitor Shuttle bus that passes all the interesting sights in the city centre.
  • Use relocation services.  Australia is a vast country.  If you want to see more than the East Coast you will most likely need to hire a car or a camper.  This can get expensive over time but there is a cool way to reduce your costs.  You can use a relocation service to hire a car or a camper.  You might have heard us talk about this before as we did the same thing with a $1 a day rental from California to Texas!  It was one of the most fun things we did in America!  Services that offer car rental and camper relocations in Australia will be your best friend.  They even give you a small petrol allowance!
  • Don’t use taxis if you can help it!  They are extremely expensive compared to overseas and you’ll be in for the shock of your life.  Most cities have a shuttle bus or train from the airport and these will be your most economical way of getting to the city centre.

So there you have some ways to save money on your transport costs in Australia.  Feel free to leave us any other ways you might know of in the comments so everyone can benefit!

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How To Cut Your Transport Costs In Australia — 16 Comments

    • Hey Heidi – nice to see you! We’ll be collecting Aussie travel tips to share from here on in. Every time I see something that’s not too expensive I think “oooh travelling families could use this!” I love the relocations and you are right the time frame can mean you have to keep moving. But we quite like to scurry around so it suits us well. We made the Texas one with a whole day to spare so had a lovely sleep…only to realise we had forgotten to empty the sewage thingo and the nearest one was 40 miles away!! Was a frantic dash at the last minute to get there in time!! We know for next time though! I’m loving following your journey….

    • Can’t say I’ve seen a lot of solar powered cars in Australia Jemma! But I’d sure like to try one out!

    • You’re right Shalu. Avoiding taxis is a great way to save money. Public Transport can take so long though!

  1. Great tips on how to save money while travelling around Australia. We have used the Sunday Cheap Service from Wollongong to Sydney a few time now and LOVE it 🙂
    Our older son uses Taxi’s to get around in the inner city and is finding it cheaper than running a car!
    We have looked at relocation hire of Motorhomes – sounds ideal for those that are backpacking around Australia and need to get from Point A to Point B. Not sure how it would go if you had to plan a return trip home!
    I so think that our country is way more expensive to travel in compared to Asia!
    Lisa Wood recently posted..Love WallsMy Profile

    • Hey Lisa – the prices to travel in Australia are crazy compared to Asia and lots of other places. I can take a 6 hour bus ride for 10 bucks in Malaysia! And a bus from France to Denmark for $30 – that one goes through 4 or 5 countries!! It’s no wonder backpackers often cut their Aussie trips short and move on to other places. We did a one way rental of the Motorhomes in Texas and it was a huge saving – but you’re right – it only works for set trips and you have to be flexible to make it fit into your plans. And of course they aren’t cool and personalised inside like yours!

    • Freya you will love Australia! I took it for granted until we left – now I’m always happy when everyone raves about being here!

  2. Brilliant tips – thanks! Especially those relocation deals. I didn’t know about them ad its great to see how easy and readily available they appear to be. Its a bit like ‘repositioning cruises’ that I recently heard of too, where if you’re lucky you could be in 5 star luxury on a ship for a tiny fraction of the regular cost! Best wishes, Mo

    • One of those cruises is top of my list! We nearly got one from Denmark to Florida but we would then have had to fly from the States back to Asia and we didn’t have the cash! The cruise was going to be $400 each for a 14 day cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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