How Quickly Can The Pedersens Break Their Host’s Car?


We were so excited to be going to Boston.

We had a 6am flight out of Las Vegas and ended up staying up all night and starting for the airport at 3.30am. We stopped for hotdogs and coffee on the way!!

We checked in with surprisingly few delays by our normal standards and had time to charge our gadgets before boarding. Bliss!

We arrived in Boston around 7.30pm instead of our intended 6pm as our flight was delayed and Justin from The Great Family Escape was there to pick us up!

His Kia has the biggest boot we had ever seen – we managed to fit 3 giant backpacks in there and a couple of our daypacks! Then we were off!

We chatted as we drove along – then Justin said the car felt wierd.

That’s when I thought I would tell him about the time Clark’s car caught fire in death valley.

Mid story, Justin obviously decided he was not going to be outdone by Clark and the car stopped dead at an intersection! Oops!!

He tried to start it a couple of times – we felt guilty that our heavy bags had possibly killed it!

Pretty quickly we decided it wasn’t going to start so we jumped out and started to push! A stranger came along and joined in as well! We pushed the car right through the intersection as we had the green light and deposited it on the other side just past a bus stop!

Justin called AAA and Heidi and we got cosy on the side of the road!

Minutes passed.

The car was making a wierd clicking sound. We decide to unload the bags just in case Justin was angling for his own fire story!!

Then an hour passes.

Kate decides to have a sleep in the car while we order pizza from the Dominos that just happens to be right near our resting spot!

Then 2 hours have passed!!

Justin was pacing nearly the whole time! We thought it was hilarious!

That didn’t make him feel any better!!

He called the tow truck man over and over and they kept fobbing him off with lame excuses!! Eventually they told him they were two miles away! Half hour later when he called they said they were one mile away!! Too funny!

Eventually Bob the tow truck man did show up and the car was rescued. We made the short journey by subway and we were home to meet Heidi!!

Much to Sam and Maggie’s disgust they had to wait until the next morning to meet us!!

And much to everyone’s relief the car needed a new alternator rather than a new transmission so the Musslers were only without their car for just the public holiday and one work day!! Success!!

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How Quickly Can The Pedersens Break Their Host’s Car? — 4 Comments

  1. i can’t let you anything in public can i. justin, i ‘m so sorry about your car man. tracey has this really bad karma thing going and she just pushed it on to your car. bad deal. she’s ruined my life, clark’s and now yours. watch out nancy. seriously, this is a living virus that can’t be stopped. i hope you and your family, and you material good recoup quickly. tracey, i have nothing to say. and you call me in my comments section, ‘weird?” oh boy, i will save your readers from speaking my mind. i’m going to jump into the cambodian heat to cool down.

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