Have you ever had a physical response to Christmas shopping?

Yesterday I had a physical response to Christmas shopping.

Not a mental response, nothing conscious.  Nothing I could actually control.

Let me explain a little bit.

I’ve been avoiding the shops for many months.  After selling a large amount of our stuff at our garage sales and giving/throwing away a whole lot more we finally put the “good stuff” into storage.  And have avoided the stores ever since.

So I think maybe I’m just out of practice.  Maybe I’ve forgotten how to be a proper shopper!

Because yesterday afternoon I decided to brave the Christmas crowds for the first time.

We aren’t doing Christmas so there’s been no need for gift shopping.  Then I decided each of the kids should have something little and cheap that they could take along next year or that they actually needed for next year.

I already have Kate’s already, Jono had requested a $10 watch and Brittney asked for socks.  (I imagine this will be the only time in her entire life that she requests socks for Christmas!!)

So I thought socks and a cheap watch – I should be out in about 10 minutes.

Little did I realise that the Christmas spirit would take hold of my body as soon as I got inside!

I felt the rush of adrenalin that shopping had previously brought.  I had a NEED to purchase something, anything…..!!

It was so bizarre….it wasn’t my brain deciding anything….it was actually a physical reaction to the crowds, the lights, the shopping bags and all those “sale” signs!

I must have had this previously but had never noticed because I was used to it.  A few months away from the shops seems to have heightened my spidey shopping sense.

I commented to Kate about how wierd it was to actually FEEL the urge to spend, instead of DECIDING.  She just looked at me oddly!

Then I thought maybe I should do some clothes shopping while everything is on sale (we have more than enough clothes and have already decided we don’t need anything until we hit the U.S.)

But it was at the point that I was eyeing off bright fuschia glitter mascara and wondering if it would sting if it got in my eye that I thought to myself “I have to get out of here!!!!”


I casually informed Kate that I was bored and that we would come back tomorrow, but really my heart was racing and I knew I had to get out to the car instantly or some serious credit card damage was going to occur!

Luckily for the image of this 39 year old, no glittery mascara was purchased!

Luckily for our travel budget I didn’t buy a thing and our credit card made it out alive!!

Image: Grant Cochrane / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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Have you ever had a physical response to Christmas shopping? — 2 Comments

    • Oh I imagine a trip to the shops would have been awful if you weren’t feeliing well! You got off lightly! And so did your credit card!

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