Halloween in the USA! Bring on 2012!

It’s Halloween tonight and all the neighbourhood kids have been banging on the door with their bags ready to collect their candy.  They are soooooo cute all dressed up as fairies and vampires and ballerinas!  It’s so funny when some of them go catatonic as you open the door – can’t get a word out of them until they run to the letterbox and tell their mum or dad about their loot!

When we first started to plan our RTW trip we were thinking of new things that we would get to do.  Every couple of days someone would catch their breath, sit up straight and look at me and say things like “are we going to Mount Rushmore?”  I would say “yes” and we would all get excited about another amazing thing we were going to see.

I vividly recall being on a weekend scrapbooking camp with my friend Kim back in August.  As I’m sticking my photos down and being tortured by an Elvis song on the stereo a thought suddenly occurs to me.  I catch my breath and sit up all straight in my chair.  She looks at me (Kim, the Elvis lover does) and I say sweetly “Did I mention I’m going to Graceland next year?”  I will let you use your imagination to fill in for what she said, but suffice to say she’s really jealous!  lol

A month ago we were watching a TV show and the kids on TV were trick or treating.  This goes on for a few minutes until I suddenly catch my breath and sit up super straight in my chair.  In a strangled voice I say “guess where we are going to be next year for Halloween?”  The kids all look at each other as realisation dawns on them.  There’s suddenly screaming and jumping (mostly from me!) and everyone is talking at once.  We’ll be in the US!!  What will it be like?  Where will we get costumes.  What is the best place in the US to be for Halloween?

I had forgotten that excitement until tonight.

To see them all dressed up and the girls helping their brother with his vampire make-up and gelling up his hair brought it all back to me.

We are really going away for a whole year.  We are really going to see amazing sights, meet interesting people and do amazing things.

We are going to ride Elephants and visit temples and give alms to Monks in the wee hours of the morning.  We will see snow (some for the first time) and meet family we have not known except on facebook.  If we are very lucky we will manage to visit all 50 states of the US as well as another 19 countries.

But most exciting of all, especially tonight, we will get to see the magic of Halloween like we have only seen on TV and in movies.

I, for one, can’t wait!!

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Halloween in the USA! Bring on 2012! — 2 Comments

    • Thanks Matt. We are so excited and desperate for this last 79 days to be OVER!!! It’s starting to seem really close, especially with 1000 things still to do! And after reading about your Panama experience we have rethought our plans for the security of our “stuff” – so you’ve been a catalyst for change in our house!!!

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