So Google Slapped Me! Suspect Larry & Sergey Are On Crack!

Google slapped me - I'm not impressed!

I’m amused to report that on August 2 we received a note from everyone’s good friend Google, saying that our site has been flagged as having ‘a pattern of artificial or unnateral links’.  Basically Google slapped me!

For anyone who’s not a blogger this means Google thinks we are selling links to other sites on our site.  Which is particularly hilarious since we haven’t!

We’ve written reviews of the places we’ve been or activities we undertook and enjoyed – all paid for by us.

We’ve linked to Amazon a number of times – because I’ve written 5 books this year and, you know, you’re kind of supposed to promote the books you’ve written so your readers can find them!

I’ve linked to stuff that we use, things that we enjoy and random weird things I’ve stumbled across on the internet.  All free.  No payment from anyone for a link.

But still Google slapped me!

That’s not to say we haven’t had offers.  But they’ve mostly been for things that weren’t travel related and are of no use to our readers or to us.

Which can only mean that Larry and Sergey of Google fame are on crack!

If our site, which is essentially stories of where we’ve been and fun stuff we’ve done triggers off their spam filter, then maybe they need to get a new one?

Maybe we really should be switching to Bing!

Jokes – who even uses Bing?

Anyway I just needed to TELL SOMEONE about this rubbish before I continued ignoring it and got back to updating you with our stories.  Our Google search is exactly what it was before and the only difference is our Alexa ranking appears to be dropping a big chunk every day (or rising – whichever is the right term for the bad one!)  That’s a tad weird and I’m writing it here so anyone else having the same problem won’t feel alone!

We’re off to Singapore next week and a quick visit to Legoland in Malaysia.  I’m sure there’ll be some inappropriate photos from Legoland to share with you all!  Actually, I’ll make sure of it!

And don’t worry Larry and Sergey – I’ll be sure to report it to you should I write about a single thing that I didn’t pay for!

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So Google Slapped Me! Suspect Larry & Sergey Are On Crack! — 14 Comments

    • Meh – not sure what to think really. It’s site wide and I thought that took you out of search. Apparently not though! Will keep wondering! lol

  1. so you’re being honest and shring the joy and love and goodwill and google has noticed you out of all the millions of sites in the world – and your headline will get you some notice as well. AND you understand what you’re talking about which is way beyond me – so if you’re all still alive it can’t be totally a bad thing? or what is the fall-out? perhaps i’m just blonde or bland? anyway, you keep the FEIST going, girlfriend! don’t let them suckers grind you down – the Oz PM will do that to you if you return to Oz. 😀 I doubt strongly that my comments were any help at all!
    nancy recently posted..What is a Pilgrimage Anyway?My Profile

    • Yeah – I sent them a reconsideration request and asked then for some guidance on what they thought were sponsored links – I’m not expecting a reasonable result but we’ll see. I just noticed they’ve killed our PR from 2 to 0! Little devils!

  2. Sorry to read that Google’s algorithm is once again playing havoc on the undeserving. (Er, maybe I shouldn’t have said that, else I might be next!)

    Anyway, I think you’re doing a great job. Have fun in Singapore … and better yet, get photos of acting like kids at Legoland.
    Linda Bibb recently posted..Visiting Dominica for the First TimeMy Profile

    • Thanks for the nice comment Linda – sometimes you wonder if you’re wasting your time blogging huh? I have zero interest in following all the ins and outs of Google’s changes and I’ve been doing this for years. I sometimes wonder how new bloggers must feel when they start reading all the things they ‘must’ do. Plenty give up, I’m sure! I’m sure you won’t be next – but I look forward to the mean blog post if you are! Can’t wait to go to LEGOLAND! Naughty pictures guaranteed!

  3. What?!? That’s crazy to hear. You aren’t the first one I’ve heard to get slammed by G hopefully your appeal will go through. Sometimes I find it a tad ridiculous how bloggers have to bow down to the power of G and jump through hurdles to appease them. Make sure to keep up posted on the resolution.

    Personally I’ve never kept up with search engine algorithm changes or Alexa scores, although I do know of a few key search phrase variations that always bring me most of my search traffic. But I suppose I don’t pay much attention because my blog isn’t my only source of online income. Between that and the busy life as permanent nomad I don’t always have the luxury of spending 30+ hours a week blogging. Anyway now I’m just rambling (sorry, half asleep) but just wanted to show my support and hope this situation is resolved quickly 🙂
    Derek Freal recently posted..Your Guide To The Phong Nha CavesMy Profile

    • Hey thanks Derek. I’m inclined to agree. Do I really care if Google has slapped me? Especially when there’s no reason? I’m not sure and frankly I can’t be bothered to dick around with it. Had I been madly selling links I’d be an unhappy camper I guess but since I wasn’t I’ve had a hard time being upset about it. We are still in search – no change to numbers there. I did notice later that they have removed our PR of 2 so that seems to be the only fall out. With everyone saying PR is becoming less relevant due to Google hardly ever updating it I’m not really sure it even matters. I’d much rather spend my time writing blog posts or a new book, or helping someone plan their big trip than making sure all the coding on my site made Google’s little heart sing! Thanks for the support – hope you took yourself off to bed!

        • I thought it was weird that our search traffic didn’t drop that much. I was very peeved that it took over a month to get it all sorted and that they’ve gone against their own terms by making me make links nofollow that aren’t paid for or sponsored. They are just guessing! I ended up making the whole lot nofollow as after three attempts and going through every single post of the hundreds on here, I just didn’t have any more time to muck around with it. It was right when I was pitching someone too so that made me more annoyed when that didn’t come off! At least I know now so I can fix up our other blogs before we get plinged for imaginary Google crimes!

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