Garage Sale Etiquette Should Be Taught In Schools – It Could Save A Life!

Garage Sale Etiquette tips

As we start to make plans to move to Malaysia in the new year we are also right in the middle of finishing up our online travel planning course and our new book about garage sale etiquette.  If you’ve been around for a while you’ll remember those garage sales we had to make some extra cash to add to our Life Changing Year travel kitty right?  (Click the link above if you haven’t read it – it was truly a fun adventure!)

We’ve held dozens of garage sales over the years and decided it was time to record all the tips we’ve been saving in our heads!  So now I’m trying to decide on the title and tonight while I was skulking around Google I found this gem of a Craigslist post.  Clearly we are not the only ones who’ve had a garage sale adventure!  Yep – I know you can all relate!

And now that I’ve regaled you on a Sunday how about giving us some tips on a book title?

Here’s the current short list of garage sale etiquette titles!

  • Garage Sale Etiquette:  How To Sell Your Stuff For The Most Profit With The Least Amount Of Pain!
  • Garage Sale Etiquette:  How A Little Bit Of Planning Can Give You Huge Returns!
  • Garage Sale Etiquette:  How To Sell Your Possessions, Make A Profit And Not Punch Anyone In The Face!
  • How To Run A Garage Sale Without Going To Prison For Multiple Assaults On Little Old Ladies And 3 Year Olds.

Ok, maybe not that last one!

Personally I like number 3.  Garage sales generally give me the urge to tackle someone in a smackdown worthy of any Wrestlemania contest!  Generally a ridiculously late night and an inhumanely early start on the actual day lead to me thinking violence is the answer!  Plus I don’t do boring so I prefer an amusing or naughty title!

Let us know what you think in the comments!  If you are super lucky I’ll let you guys choose the cover too!

UPDATE:  The book is now out and on Amazon.  As you can see from the graphic we went with a variation of title #3!  Check it out by clicking on the picture of the cover below.  And please, please leave us a review if you decide to purchase!  Reviews are the hardest part of writing a book!  lol

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Garage Sale Etiquette Should Be Taught In Schools – It Could Save A Life! — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Tracey,

    I like the Garage Sale Etiquette: How A Little Bit Of Planning Can Give You Huge Returns! It would grab me because the main goal is the make some extra cash and if there is a way to make more through a little bit of thought, I am all for it! But it is a little on the boring side… all the best with the book!

    Kind regards

    Ulrike recently posted..5 easy tips to green your EasterMy Profile

    • Thanks Ulrike – I definitely don’t do boring and had loads of advice to tone the title down! But then it wouldn’t really be me so I decided to keep the naughty! Hope it’s appreciated when it is finally published! lol

  2. Definitely Number 3 for me!

    You could also tweak it to “Garage Sale Etiquette: How to sell your stuff, make more money and not punch anyone in the face!

    • Thanks Mel – I definitely like number 3 since face punching was imminent during several garage sales! I think we are going to go with “Garage Sale Etiquette: How to Make Money, Have Fun And Not Punch Anyone In The Face!

  3. Hi Tracey, I like the Garage Sale Etiquette: How A Little Bit Of Planning Can Give You Huge Returns! While I agree that a twist is always a good idea in a book title – ‘Not punch someone in the face’ is a bit strong for me… Having held a few garage sales myself..I appreciate the sentiment – but it doesn’t grab me expressed so overtly..
    Carol Jeffries recently posted..Commit to Resolving Conflict Quickly – Don’t Risk Destroying A Healthy Loving Relationship!My Profile

    • Thanks for giving me your views Carol. Much appreciated! I’m not sure we’ve been at the same garage sales! lol

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