Food in Malaysia – Can it get any better than this?

The food in Malaysia has been amazing.  I’ve never eaten quite so much rice!!

Now we are in Thailand (and starving to death) I thought I would let you know about all the awesome foods we have been eating in Malaysia.

The day we visited the IT Fair was 2 hours on the bus to a fair which turned out to be a lot smaller than we had expected.  We were done in about 45 minutes and loose on the street.  We found a little street cafe for lunch – Gert has developed an addiction to fried rice or Nasi Goreng as it is known in Malaysia so that was his first request.  Sadly they didn’t have it on the menu so he was stuck with noodles.  He ordered his and I ordered something unintelligible which turned out to be a kind of noodle soup.  The kids had plain rice and fried chicken with eggs.  We all had a bottle of water and paid the massive amount of $48 ringgit.  (About $15 Australian!!!)

As we were leaving we discovered a Malaysian lady selling sweets on the corner.  She had the amazing green pancakes we had been searching for since we left Kuala Lumpur!!  She didn’t have change for a $50 Ringgit note and Gert suggested we just buy cakes to that value.  We all laughed at him and trundled off to break our 50.  We trekked several blocks to find a 7-Eleven.  On the way we discovered this guy frying tasty little morsels.  Please note he is stirring that boiling pot with a boat oar………….!!

We bought cold drinks at the 7-Eleven as it was about 400 degrees outside.  And back we trundled the several blocks to collect our little green prizes!!  These pancakes are good, people – bright green plain pancakes on the outside and brown sugar (possibly palm sugar) and shredded coconut inside.  Well worth walking several blocks in sweltering heat!  We bought 5 pancakes and 5 sugared donuts and then we discovered why she couldn’t break our 50.  It cost us 4 Ringgit.  (About $1.30 Australian!!)  Turns out we could have bought 125 little cakes for our 50!!  Very glad we didn’t decide to do that!!  Though it may have made her day!  I asked her what they were called and she told me twice – I’d pass this information on to you but I have no idea what she said!!

Here’s the pic of our triumph at finding these gems….I swear I’ll come back to Malaysia just for these!!

We’ve also devoured a tonne of Roti.  We’ve had plain Roti, Roti with Chicken Curry, Chicken filled Roti, Banana filled Roti, Chocolate and banana filled Roti, Milo Roti, Onion Roti, Cheese Roti, Garlic Roti and Butter Roti.  We’ve had some of these multiple times.  That’s a lot of Roti!!!  They are so good and we discovered exactly how they are made!  Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure!  This guy is super clever!!  I can barely make a pancake and here he is flicking that dough around until it gets thinner and thinner!!  Filming courtesy of Jono!!

We had some interesting fun while we were in Malaysia.  Check out one of our recent posts if you want to see the list.

So far Thailand is not proving to be quite so awesome……


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