Favourite Fotos – You Get What You Pay For In Egypt!

Gunmen for hire in Egypt!

Almost anything is for sale in Egypt.

Want to enter a section of the temple that is off-limits?  Just cough up a few Egyptian pounds (LE) and you’re in!

Want to climb over a section of ancient rock that you SHOULD NOT climb over?  Just smile sweetly and hand over a few pounds and you can climb all you like!

Want a picture with heavily armed guards inside the temple of Hatshepsut?  Again – cough up and plop yourself down!!  Smiles are free!

This photo of Gert and his armed assailants cost us the grand total of 20 LE.  That’s about $3.22 in Australian dollars!

Gert didn’t actually want his picture taken.  One of these guys actually leapt up and grabbed him and shoved him on the seat!  We made the best of it and as you can probably work out from the artillery they were packing – we were too scared not to pay up!!

Stiffing a guy in a dress and a turban inside a temple is one thing.  When there’s guns involved, we just hand over the money!!

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Favourite Fotos – You Get What You Pay For In Egypt! — 5 Comments

    • He’s grinning from ear to ear on hearing that you think he’s brave Lisa! It’s so wierd for us to see guns everywhere overseas!

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