Favourite Fotos: Work Can Be A Solitary Pursuit!

Guy playing games at work in Hue, Vietnam!

We saw loads of interesting stuff in Vietnam on our recent 4 week adventure there.  And I really will get to blogging about it – promise!

In the meantime check out my picture of the guy playing games at work at The Imperial City (The Citadel) in Hue.  He was in charge of getting people decked out in traditional costume and taking their photo sitting on the ceremonial thrones.  (It was so hot the day we visited that we couldn’t think of anything worse to do!)

No doubt his next task would be to flog you the pics and talk you into going home with your images on a fancy plate!  A pretty cool memento if you’re into quirky souvenirs of your travels.

But there must be a bit of downtime I’m thinking……

While he was serving someone in this pic we were standing in front of the pedestal fans just trying to cool down!  And we happened to notice he had a game of Solitaire open on his computer.  We had a chuckle and of course snapped this photo for all of you!

Have you ever been caught out playing games at work?  Tell us about it in the comments!

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